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Keywords: tissue characterization
PO-GePV-M-5Radiation Induced Lung Damage Tissue Segmentation and Classification Framework
A Szmul1*, E Chandy1,4, C Veiga1, A Stavropoulou1, J Jacob1,2, D Landau3, C Hiley4, J McClelland1, (1) Centre for Medical Image Computing, University College London, London, UK, (2) Department of Respiratory Medicine, University College London, London, UK, (3) Guys & St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK, (4) Cancer Institute, UCL, London, UK
PO-GePV-M-228Quantification of Spinal Bone Marrow Fat Fraction Using Three-Material Decomposition Technique On Dual-Energy CT: A Feasibility Study
B Li*, N Hua, J Li, V Andreu-arasa, C Lebedis, S Anderson, Boston University Medical Center, Boston, MA
TH-IePD-TRACK 2-3Leveraging Prior Knowledge to Reconstruct Quantitative MR Relaxation Maps to Investigate Glioma Tumor Heterogeneity
X Zhao1*, D Parsons2, Z Iqbal1, (1) University of Alabama - Birmingham, Birmingham, AL, (2) UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX
WE-IePD-TRACK 3-2Characterization of Lobe-Wise Ventilation and Elasticity in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
M Lauria*, B Stiehl, L Naumann, A Santhanam, D O'Connell, K Singhrao, J Goldin, I Barjaktarevic, D Low, University of California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA