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Keywords: tumor control
MO-IePD-TRACK 4-5Exploratory Unsupervised Structure-Learning Based Radiomics Approach for Brain Metastases Treatment Response Modeling of Stereotactic Radiosurgery
Z Yang1*, L Wang2, M Chen1, R Timmerman1, T Dan1, Z Wardak1, W Lu1, X Gu1, (1) UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX, (2) University Of Texas At Arlington, Arlington, TX
MO-IePD-TRACK 5-2Prediction of Glioblastoma Patient’s Survival After Radiation Therapy with Random Survival Forest Model
Y Kim1*, KW Kim2, H Yoon2, W Sung1, (1) The Catholic University of Korea, Seoul, ,KR (2) Yonsei University College of Medicine, Seoul, ,KR
MO-IePD-TRACK 6-4Predictive Factors of Biochemical Failure Free Survival for Prostate Cancer Patients After External Beam Radiation Therapy
L Sun1,2*, H Quon1,2, V Tran1, C Kirkby1,3, W Smith1,2, (1) University of Calgary, Calgary, AB, CA, (2) Tom Baker Cancer Centre, Calgary, AB, CA, (3) Jack Ady Cancer Centre, Lethbridge, AB, CA
PO-GePV-T-337Effect of Target Positioning Error On Tumor Control Probability in Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Metastatic Brain Tumors Using the CyberKnife M6
T Takizawa1,2*, S Tanabe3, H Nakano3, S Utsunomiya4, M Sakai3, K Maruyama1, S Takeuchi5, T Nakano2, A Ohta3, M Kaidu2, H Ishikawa2, K Onda5, (1) Department of Radiation Oncology, Niigata Neurosurgical Hospital, Niigata, JP, (2) Department of Radiology and Radiation Oncology, Niigata University Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences, Niigata, JP, (3) Department of Radiation Oncology, Niigata University Medical and Dental Hospital, Niigata, JP, (4) Department of Radiological Technology, Niigata University Graduate School of Health Sciences, Niigata, JP, (5) Department of Neurosurgery, Niigata Neurosurgical Hospital, Niigata, JP
TU-D-TRACK 6-4Radiodynamic Therapy for Treatment of Lung Cancer: An In-Vivo Study
D Yang*, D Cvetkovic, L Chen, C Ma, Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA
WE-IePD-TRACK 3-1A Framework of Utilizing Biological Models for Iso-Toxic Adaptive Replanning in MR-Guided Radiotherapy
P Prior*, E Quashie, A Tai, X Li, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI
WE-IePD-TRACK 5-5Uncertainties in the Lung Heterogeneity Correction and Local Control for Lung SBRT
B Erickson*, B Ackerson, C Kelsey, F Yin, W Giles, J Adamson, Duke University, Durham, NC
WE-IePD-TRACK 6-4Characterization of the Response of 9L Orthotopic Brain Tumors to 3D Conformal Radiation Therapy Using Contrast Enhanced MRI
G Valadie*, S Brown, J Ewing, G Divine, N Tavarekere, K Farmer, G Cabral, Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, MI