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Data Science, Radiomics, and ComputingSunday - 7/25/2021
Multi-Disciplinary Scientific Session3:30 PM - 4:30 PMTRACK 6

Moderator 1: Ying Xiao

Moderator 2: Carlos Cardenas

3:30 PM
SU-E-TRACK 6-1 : A Multi-Modality Radiomics-Based Model for Recurrence Risk Stratification in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
J. Christie*, O. Daher, M. Abdelrazek, P. Lang, V. Nair, S. Mattonen
3:37 PM
SU-E-TRACK 6-2 : Computer-Assisted Diagnosis of Hepatic Portal Hypertension: A Novel, Attention-Guided Deep Learning Framework Based On CT Imaging and Laboratory Data Integration
Y. Wang*, X. Li, M. Konanur, B. Konkel, E. Seyferth, N. Brajer, M. Bashir, K. Lafata
3:44 PM
SU-E-TRACK 6-3 : JACK KROHMER EARLY-CAREER INVESTIGATOR COMPETITION WINNER: Multi-Group Multi-Block Data Integration for Harmonizing 18F-FDG-PET/CT Radiomics Associated with Circulating Tumor Cells and Predicting Recurrence-Free Survival Across Independent Lung Cancer Radiotherapy Studies
S. Lee*, G. Kao, S. Feigenberg, Y. Fan, Y. Xiao
3:51 PM
SU-E-TRACK 6-4 : Multi-Institutional Data Analysis of Radiomic Signature Set to Predict Overall Survival in Glioblastoma Patients
E. Carver*, Z. Dai, J. Snyder, B. Griffith, L. Poisson, L. Rogers, N. Wen
3:58 PM
SU-E-TRACK 6-5 : Multi-Class Classification Based On Multi-Loss Strategy and Auxiliary Deep Learning Network with Applications in Medical Imaging
Z. Fan*, S. He, E. Chen, S. Ruan, X. Wang, H. Li
4:05 PM
SU-E-TRACK 6-6 : A Radiomics-Boosted Deep Learning Model for COVID-19 and Non-COVID-19 Pneumonia Detection Using Chest X-Ray Image
Z. Hu*, Z. Yang, F. Yin, K. Lafata, C. Wang
4:12 PM
SU-E-TRACK 6-7 : Spatial Reconstruction of Statistically Significant Radiomics Signatures Using 3D Wavelet Decomposition in Tumors of Oropharyngeal Cancer
H. Bagher-Ebadian*, F. Siddiqui, A. Ghanem, S. Zhu, M. Lu, B. Movsas, I. Chetty


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