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Quantitative ImagingMonday - 7/26/2021
Multi-Disciplinary Scientific Session11:30 AM - 12:30 PMTRACK 6

Moderator 1: Yevgeniy Vinogradskiy

Moderator 2: Edward Graves

11:30 AM
MO-B-TRACK 6-1 : A Quantitative Analysis of Lung Elastography Performance Using Large-Deformation CT Scans Acquired at Residual Volume (RV) and Total Lung Capacity (TLC)
B. Stiehl*, M. Lauria, L. Naumann, K. Singhrao, I. Barjaktarevic, J. Goldin, M. McNitt-Gray, D. Low, A. Santhanam
11:37 AM
MO-B-TRACK 6-2 : Localized GBM Recurrence Prediction On Post-Operative Multi-Modal MRIs Through Stem Cell Niches Proximity Estimation Coupled SVM
Y. Lao*, V. Yu, A. Pham, T. Wang, D. Ruan, E. Chang, K. Sheng, W. Yang
11:44 AM
MO-B-TRACK 6-3 : Predicting PD-L1 Expression Level in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer On Computed
tomography Using Machine Learning

T. Shiinoki*, K. Fujimoto, Y. Kawazoe, Y. Yuasa, M. Kajima, Y. Manabe, T. Hirano, K. Matsunaga, H. Tanaka
11:51 AM
MO-B-TRACK 6-4 : Principal Component Analysis of Quantitative Computed Tomography Features and Visual Emphysema Scores: Association with Lung Function Decline
M. Koo*, W. Tan, J. Hogg, J. Bourbeau, C. Hague, J. Leipsic, M. Kirby
11:58 AM
MO-B-TRACK 6-5 : Quantitative Relaxometry for Ultra-Hypofractionated MR-Guided Radiotherapy to the Prostate and DIL: A Feasibility Study
E. Subashi*, E. LoCastro, V. Brennan, A. Apte, M. Zelefsky, N. Tyagi
12:05 PM
MO-B-TRACK 6-6 : BEST IN PHYSICS (MULTI-DISCIPLINARY): Treatment Response Prediction Using Extracellular Volume Fraction Derived From Dual-Source DECT for Chemoradiation Therapy of Pancreatic Cancer
G. Noid*, G. Godfrey, E. Paulson, W. Hall, B. Erickson, J. Shah, X. Li
12:12 PM
MO-B-TRACK 6-7 : Use of Short Duration Dynamic [18F]DCFPyL PET and CT Perfusion Imaging to Localize Dominant Intraprostatic Lesions in Prostate Cancer: Validation Against Digital Histopathology
D. Yang*, R. Alfano, G. Bauman, J. Chin, S. Pautler, K. Chung, A. Ward, T. Lee


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