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RadiobiologyTuesday - 7/27/2021
Therapy Scientific Session1:00 PM - 2:00 PMTRACK 6

Moderator 1: David Carlson

Moderator 2: Wilfred Ngwa

1:00 PM
TU-C-TRACK 6-1 : A DNA Repair Inhibitor Targeting ATR Modulates Immune Responses to Radiotherapy
S. Bright*, B. Turner, M. Manandhar, C. McFadden, D. Flint, D. Martinus, M. Ben Kacem, S. Shaitelman, G. Sawakuchi
1:07 PM
TU-C-TRACK 6-2 : DNA Repair Inhibitors Combined with Protons Increase Cell Radiosensitivity in Vitro
D. Flint*, S. Bright, B. Turner, M. Manandhar, M. Ben Kacem, S. Shaitelman, G. Sawakuchi
1:14 PM
TU-C-TRACK 6-3 : Features Of
TOPAS-NBio – Release 1.0

J. Schuemann*, A. McNamara, J. Ramos-Mendez, N. Dominguez-kondo, J. Perl, D. Yoo, N. Henthron, J. Warmenhoven, S. Ingram, M. Merchant, K. Kirkby, K. Held, J. Laverne, H. Paganetti, B. Faddegon
1:21 PM
TU-C-TRACK 6-4 : Investigating the Impact of Sustainable Delivery of Immunoadjuvant From Smart Radiotherapy Biomaterial in Pancreatic Cancer
M. Moreau*, S. Yasmin-Karim, N. Bih, W. Ngwa
1:28 PM
TU-C-TRACK 6-5 : Nanoparticle-Mediated Assessment of ROS and Radiosensitization of Brain Cancer Cells for Improved Radiotherapy Outcomes
C. Thiegs*, K. Djam, H. Kramer, Y. Walter, A. Hubbard, A. Benoit, E. Yank, O. Salas, M. Schwengler, J. Lewison, S. Mckinley, A. Ekpenyong
1:35 PM
TU-C-TRACK 6-6 : Potential Anti-Kras Activity OfFlavonoid Derivative of Cannabis Is Enhanced by a Single Fraction of Low Doseof Radiation Therapy
S. Yasmin-Karim*, M. Moreau, N. Bih, H. Lowe, N. Toyang, W. Ngwa
1:42 PM
TU-C-TRACK 6-7 : BEST IN PHYSICS (THERAPY): Radio-Immunotherapydose-Painting with Survival Boost Using Checkpoint Inhibitors
S. Yasmin-Karim*, M. Moreau, N. Bih, J. Wirtz, W. Ngwa


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