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Real-time TrackingThursday - 7/29/2021
Multi-Disciplinary Scientific Session11:30 AM - 12:30 PMTRACK 6

Moderator 1: Ross Berbeco

Moderator 2: Jeremy Booth

11:30 AM
TH-B-TRACK 6-1 : Decompose KV Projections Using Neural Network for Improved Motion Tracking in Paraspinal SBRT
X. He*, W. Cai, F. Li, Q. Fan, P. Zhang, L. Cervino, X. Li, T. Li
11:37 AM
TH-B-TRACK 6-2 : Near Real-Time Intra-Fractional 6D Monitoring of Prostate Position Using a Scheme Based On the Skeletonization of Implanted Marker Images
H. Kuo*, D. Lovelock, C. Della-Biancia, A. Damato, L. Happersett, S. Lin, M. Zelefsky, L. Cervino, S. Berry
11:44 AM
TH-B-TRACK 6-3 : Prediction of Lung Tumor Position Using 0.35 T Cine MRgRT in Retrospective Study
J. Shin*, Z. Ji, Y. Huang, B. Lewis, A. Guta, S. Oh, J. Kim, T. Kim
11:51 AM
TH-B-TRACK 6-4 : Experimental and Monte Carlo Simulation Characterization of a KV Scattered X-Ray Imaging System for Real-Time Lung Tumor Motion Tracking
Y. Huang*, Y. Zhong, T. Chiu, C. Shen, K. Yang, X. Jia
11:58 AM
TH-B-TRACK 6-5 : Evaluation of Bronchoscopically Implanted Anchored Electromagnetic Transponders for Tumor Tracking and Monitoring During Deep Inspiration Breath Hold Lung Radiotherapy
W. Harris*, E. Yorke, H. Li, C. Czmielewski, M. Chawla, R. Lee, A. Hotca-Cho, D. Mcknight, A. Rimner, D. Lovelock
12:05 PM
TH-B-TRACK 6-6 : Markerless Tracking of Lung Tumor Motion Using Simulated Coded Aperture Scatter Imaging
A. Mahl*, B. Miller, C. Altunbas, B. Kavanagh, M. Miften, B. Jones
12:12 PM
TH-B-TRACK 6-7 : Markerless Motion Tracking with Simultaneous MV/kV Imaging in Spine SBRT Treatment
W. Cai*, F. Li, X. He, P. Zhang, L. Cervino, X. Li, T. Li


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