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Treatment Planning: Dose Calculation and PredictionSunday - 7/25/2021
Therapy Scientific Session3:30 PM - 4:30 PMTRACK 5

Moderator 1: X. Sharon Qi

Moderator 2: Lakshmi Santanam

3:30 PM
SU-E-TRACK 5-1 : A Consensus Report From the Global Harmonisation Group On Clinical Trials: Report Dose-To-Medium
S. Kry*, J. Lye, C. Clark, N. Andratschke, A. Dimitriadis, D. Followill, R. Howell, M. Hussein, M. Ishikawa, S. Kito, T. Kron, J. Lee, J. Michalski, A. Monti, N. Reynaert, P. Taylor, K. Venables, Y. Xiao, J. Lehmann
3:37 PM
SU-E-TRACK 5-2 : A GPU-Accelerated Monte Carlo Engine for Calculation of MLC-Collimated Electron Fields
E. Brost*, H. Wan Chan Tseung, J. Antolak
3:44 PM
SU-E-TRACK 5-3 : Correlation of Treatment Time to Target Volume for GammaPod Treatments: A Simple Second Calculation"
L. Chen*, S. Becker, S. Mcavoy, E. Nichols, M. Guerrero
3:51 PM
SU-E-TRACK 5-4 : Introducing Kernel Truncation and Sparsity Into Dose Calculations for IMRT Optimization
H. Stephens*, Q. Wu, Q. Wu
3:58 PM
SU-E-TRACK 5-5 : Polar Coordinate Based Pencil Beam Dose Calculation Algorithm for VMAT
W. Tseng*, B. Lu
4:05 PM
SU-E-TRACK 5-6 : BEST IN PHYSICS (THERAPY): Clinical Implementation of AI-Based 3D Dose Prediction Model as Physician Directive Support Tool to Streamline Head and Neck Planning Process
M. Mashayekhi*, R. McBeth, Z. Trivedi, D. Nguyen, S. Jiang, M. Lin
4:12 PM
SU-E-TRACK 5-7 : Prediction of Organ-At-Risk Doses Using An Artificial Intelligence Algorithm: Clinical Validation and Estimated Benefit to Treatment Planning for Lung SBRT
P. Brodin*, L. Schulte, D. Pappas, W. Martin, X. Shen, A. Basavatia, N. Ohri, M. Garg, S. Kalnicki, C. Carpenter, W. Tomé


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