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Professional General ePoster ViewingSunday - 7/25/2021
Professional General ePoster Viewing AAPM ePoster Library

PO-GePV-P-1 : IROC Houston Performance Impacted by Covid-19
S. Cheng*, T. Nguyen, N. Hernandez, B. Lewis, N. Pajot, L. Acuna Scafati, A. Molineu, S. Kry

PO-GePV-P-2 : Quality Assurance for Small-Field VMAT SRS AndConventional-Field IMRT Using the Exradin W1 Scintillator
Z. Huang*, X. Han, C. Yang, J. Wang, W. Hu

PO-GePV-P-3 : An Automated, Vendor-Neutral Method for CT Protocols Documentation
E. Eastman*, D. Zhang, Y. Zhou

PO-GePV-P-4 : An Automatic CT Quality Assurance Program
E. Eastman*, D. Zhang, Y. Zhou

PO-GePV-P-5 : Connecting Tableau to An Oncology Informatics System to Identify Treatment Planning Workflow Delays
A. Witztum*, P. Sharma, E. Hirata

PO-GePV-P-6 : Implementation, Utilization, and Time Analysis of An Optional Physics Pre-Planning Check
B. Juneja*, L. Kim

PO-GePV-P-7 : Automatic Parameter Extraction From Scanners to Wiki for CT Protocol Management

L. Qin*, K. McCall, P. DiPiro

PO-GePV-P-8 : Scripting Occupational Badge Dosimetry Analysis for a Large Number of Clinics Using MATLAB
K. Woods*, C. Douglas, N. Busse

PO-GePV-P-9 : Value of Peer Review: An Outreach Facility Perspective
D. Christ, A. Fogle, G. Graeper, N. Gupta, K. Hintenlang*, M. Meineke, J. Pichler, S. Walston, M. Weldon

PO-GePV-P-11 : Optimizing Quality Assurance with Total QA® Implementation
R. Sullivan*, D. Bridges, X. Zhao, Y. Yuan, S. Shen, R. Popple

PO-GePV-P-12 : An Integrated, Automated Framework for Review and Approval of Policies and Procedures
J. Neylon*, D. Low, N. Agazaryan

PO-GePV-P-14 : Proton Radiosurgery: Small PBS Field Dosimetry Validation
M. Bussiere*, J. Daartz, J. Verburg, N. Depauw, H. Kooy, J. Loeffler, P. Chapman, H. Shih

PO-GePV-P-19 : Regional Workshops as a Method to Facilitate the Implementation of Task Group Recommendations: The Experience of AAPM Task Group 275
S. Parker*, L. Fong de los Santos, A. Greener, G. Kim, D. Schofield, K. Smith, M. Wells, E. Yorke, E. Ford

PO-GePV-P-20 : Syed Template for Interstitial HDR_ A 3D Printed Alternative
S. George*, A. Gomez, T. Romaguera, R. Tolakanahalli, A. Gutierrez, J. Contreras

PO-GePV-P-21 : A Decentralized and Autonomous Blockchain-Based Medical Physics Education Platform: Toward a New Paradigm
B. Zhang*, S. Becker, J. Zhou, S. Chen, B. Yi

PO-GePV-P-22 : Recommendations for Treatment Planning Dose Indices for Single-Isocenter Single Target VMAT Brain Stereotactic Radiosurgery/Radiotherapy; A Retrospective Analysis
D. Pearson, D. Newell*, K. Joseph

PO-GePV-P-26 : First Quality Assurance Implementation of Treatment Planning System for Pencil Beam Scanning Proton Radiotherapy
W. Xiong*, G. Yu, M. Kang, S. Huang, H. Lin

PO-GePV-P-27 : Evaluation of Varian Identify SGRT System for Localization of Cranial Targets
V. Stakhursky*, W. Chang, M. Sewell, I. Stakhurska, S. Kriminski

PO-GePV-P-28 : Multichannel Vaginal Cylinder with Intrauterine Tube Applicators for Treating Vaginal, Cervical and Endometrial Cancer
K. Dou*

PO-GePV-P-29 : Daily KV Image Protocol of Prostate Patient Setup with Minimal CBCT
J. Zhou*, Y. Zhang, W. Feng, N. Yue

PO-GePV-P-31 : Using Edge Detectors for Field Output Factor Measurements
V. Stakhursky*, M. Sewell, S. Kriminski, I. Stakhurska

PO-GePV-P-32 : Design and Implementation of Internal Shielding to Reduce Electron Back Scattering
M. Xu*, R. Foster, S. Mihalcik

PO-GePV-P-33 : Comparison of Intracranial Stereotactic Radiotherapy (SRS/SRT) Plan Quality Using CyberKnife, Eclipse MLC and Cone Techniques
X. Zhang*, S. Jang, S. Lee, A. Hirsch, K. Mak, M. Dyer, M. Truong

PO-GePV-P-34 : IAEA Guidance On the Certification of Clinically Qualified Medical Physicists
G. Loreti*, D. van der Merwe

PO-GePV-P-36 : CyberKnife 0-View (xSight Spine) Tracking for Lung Tumors: Is It Safe at Distances Greater Than 5cm?
M. Curry*, C. Busselberg, M. White, J. Conlon

PO-GePV-P-37 : Retrospective MR Image Review of Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Up to 7 Metastases
K. Dou*

PO-GePV-P-39 : Imaging QA On CyberKnife According to TG-135_ a Practical Approach
S. George*, S. Davis, R. Tolakanahalli, V. Mishra, A. Gutierrez

PO-GePV-P-40 : Inter-Fractional Dosimetric Variation Due to Daily Patient Position Variations in the Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation with High Dose Rate Brachytherapy (HDR) Using the Multichannel SAVI Applicator with the 3 Fractionation Schema
U. Robins*, T. Romaguera, R. Tolakanahalli, M. Rodrigues

PO-GePV-P-41 : Clinical Experience of Pre-Selection Criterion of Patients with Left Breast Cancer for Free Breathing Vs Deep Inspiration Breath-Hold Radiotherapy Technique
T. Reynolds*, M. Ozer

PO-GePV-P-43 : Comparison of Intrafractional Motion Monitoring During Spine Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy Using Multiple Immobilization Systems
S. Krafft*, E. Han, T. Briere

PO-GePV-P-44 : Validation of the Varian Machine Performance Check Enhanced Couch Accuracy
J. Donaghue*, S. Gajdos

PO-GePV-P-46 : Phantom Validation of a CT-Based Navigation System Adapted for Interstitial Liver Procedures
T. Banks*, T. Chiu, Z. Xiong, M. Folkert

PO-GePV-P-47 : Clinical Evaluation of Portal Dosimetry Ion Chamber Array and Mobius 3D for FiF Breast IMRT QA
S. Wang*, S. Gill, R. Wynn, M. Huq,

PO-GePV-P-48 : Effect of Gantry Angle On Portal Dosimetry Vs Ion Chamber Array of Linac Based IMRT QA
S. Wang*, S. Gill, R. Wynn, M. Huq,

PO-GePV-P-49 : Report of Image Distortion Based On Five Consecutive Years of Annual QA On Six MRI Scanners Used for Radiation Therapy
L. Lu*, X. Yang, B. Raterman, X. Jiang, M. Meineke, D. Hintenlang, N. Gupta

PO-GePV-P-50 : An Implementation Strategy for Introducing Automated Treatment Planning Into the Clinic
J. Jackson*, H. Kang, J. Steber, J. Roeske


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