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Early-Career Investigator SymposiumSaturday - 4/17/2021
 12:30 PM - 2:30 PMTherapy Room

Moderator 1: Austin Hadley

Moderator 2: Jeffrey Moirano

12:30 PMSA-B-Therapy Room-1
SaturdayClinical Treatment Planning System for Electron FLASH Radiotherapy
M.Rahman*, M.Ashraf, D.Gladstone, P.Bruza, X.Cao, B.Pogue,
J.Hoopes, R.Zhang
12:40 PMSA-B-Therapy Room-2
SaturdayMR-Linac Isocenter Coincidence Verification Using Cherenkov Imaging
D.Alexander*, P.Bruza, J.Andreozzi, B.Pogue, R.Zhang, D.Gladstone
12:50 PMSA-B-Therapy Room-3
SaturdayGantry Motion Artifact Reduction Using Deep Learning: Towards Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy On MR-Linacs
B.Hunt*, Z.Han, B.Zaki, G.Russo, B.Pogue, D.Gladstone,
1:00 PMSA-B-Therapy Room-4
SaturdayComputer Vision Mechanical QA: The Future Is Automation
R.Ger*, M.Armstrong, D.Robertson
1:10 PMSA-B-Therapy Room-5
SaturdayRadiomics-Based Framework for QA Assessment and Tracking of CBCT-IGRT Imaging Performance
J.Cruz Bastida*, E.Pearson, H.Al-Hallaq
1:20 PMSA-B-Therapy Room-6
SaturdayA Novel Non-Coplanar Arc-Based Winston Lutz Test for Template Based Stereotactic Radiosurgery
T.Oldland*, M.Verst, D.Pokhrel
1:30 PMSA-B-Therapy Room-7
SaturdayComparison of CT Image Quality Between AIDR 3D and FIRST Iterative Reconstruction Algorithms: An Assessment Based On Clinical Images
C.Olguin*, S.Leon, N.Verma, T.Mohammed, J.Grajo, M.Arreola
1:40 PMSA-B-Therapy Room-8
SaturdayThe Design of a Novel Direction Modulated Brachytherapy (DMBT) Vaginal Cylinder (VC) Using GEANT4 Monte Carlo (MC) Simulation Code
M.Meftahi*, W.Song
1:50 PMSA-B-Therapy Room-9
SaturdayThe Evaluation of Embolization Microcoils in CyberKnife Radiosurgery
B.Granger*, K.Huang, F.Mourtada, G.Shukla, S.Shah, C.Grilli
2:00 PMSA-B-Therapy Room-10
SaturdayEvaluation of a High-Resolution Diode Array in the Commissioning of HDR Brachytherapy Surface Applicators
S.Martinez*, A.Harpley, A.Dare, I.Hajizadeh, G.Seymore, G.Twork,
K.Homann, M.Price, M.Morales Paliza