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Taxonomy: IM/TH- Image Analysis (Single Modality or Multi-Modality): Quantitative imaging

MO-H345-IePD-F6-2Rtdsm: An Open-Source Software for Dose-Surface Map Generation and Analysis
H Patrick*, J Kildea, McGill University, Montreal, QCCA,
PO-GePV-M-179Consistency Between Two Independent Methods of Lobe-Wise Ventilation Calculation From Free-Breathing CT
M Lauria*, B Stiehl, D O'Connell, A Santhanam, L Naumann, P Boyle, I Barjaktarevic, D Low, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
PO-GePV-M-349Quantitative Evaluation of Radiodermatitis Following Whole-Breast Radiotherapy with Various Color Space Models: A Feasibility Study
S Park1*, J Kim2, C Choi2, J Park2, J Kim2, (1) Veterans Health Service Medical Center, Seoul, KR, (2) Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul, KR
SU-F-202-6Comparison of Physiologic FDG PET Uptake in CT-Based Vs PET-Corrected Organ Contours in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients
O Lokre*, A Weisman, T Perk, AIQ Solutions, Madison, WI
TH-B-207-3Phase-Resolved Lung Ventilation Imaging Method Based On Four-Dimensional Computed Tomography
Y Huang*, G Ren, H Xiao, Y Li, Z Chen, X Teng, Z Ma, J Cai, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
WE-C1000-IePD-F1-3Automating 4DCT-Ventilation Imaging Generation Using AI-Based Advanced Lung Contours
Y Chen1*, S Pahlavian2, P Jacobs2, F Forghani3, E Castillo4, R Castillo5, Y Vinogradskiy1, (1) Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA, (2) MIM Software Inc., Beachwood, OH, (3) Washington University, Creve Coeur, MO, (4) University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX, (5) Emory University, Atlanta, GA