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Best Poster CompetitionSaturday - 3/26/2022
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-1
SaturdayDose Reduction of Multiple Myeloma Protocol in Dual-Energy Computed Tomography Using Image-Based Noise Addition Software
N.Alsaihati*, J.Solomon, E.Mccrum, E.Samei
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-2
SaturdayDose to Fetus From PET/CT Scans
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-3
SaturdayImplementing QATrack+ QC Database for Report Generation and Data Analysis
M.Yang*, I.Rutel
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-4
SaturdayVariation in Measurements Between Calibrated Photometers for Mammography Diagnostic Workstation Monitors
A.Shankar*, M.Akerele, S.Leon
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-5
SaturdayEvaluation of Radiation Attenuating Drape
T.Thompson*, D.Hohreiter
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-6
SaturdayCharacterization of the Automated Tube-Current Modulation in a Dual-Source CT Scanner for Gated ECG Imaging of the Heart
R.Perez Franco*, M.Hoerner
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-7
SaturdayDirect Dose Measurements Comparing Single-Energy and Dual-Energy Head CT Scans
N.Correa*, I.Barreto, M.Glassell, C.Schaeffer, M.Arreola
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-8
SaturdayContrast Thresholds for Detection of Low Iodine Concentrations In
Subtraction CT and Dual Energy CTSystems
A.Heshmat*, I.Barreto, L.Rill, M.Arreola
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-9
SaturdayEvaluating the Sensitivity of Deep Learning Based Auto-Segmentation to Image Features in Thoracic Segmentation
W.Zhu*, Y.Sheng, Q.Chen, X.Li, D.Carpenter, C.Champ,
H.Stephens, Q.Wu, A.Diaz, X.Feng, Q.Wu
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-10
SaturdayDevelopment of An Algorithm to Detect and Quantify CT Motion Artifacts
M.Khandekar*, J.Solomon, E.Samei
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-11
SaturdayPlan Quality and Isotoxic Dose Escalation Investigation Using a 0.35T MR-Linac System in Ablative 5-Fraction Stereotactic Magnetic Resonance-Guided Radiation Therapy for Primary Pancreatic Cancer
R.Hawranko*, K.Neiderer, C.Guy, E.Bump, A.Watson, L.Yuan,
T.Harris, E.Fields, E.Weiss, W.Song
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-12
SaturdayClinical Commissioning and Implementation of An In-House Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tool for Automatic Head-And-Neck Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) Treatment Planning
X.Li*, Y.Sheng, Q.Wu, Y.Ge, C.Wang, D.Brizel,
Y.Mowery, J.Lee, W.Wang, H.Stephens, F.Yin,
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-13
SaturdayIn-Phantom Film Measurements of Two Treatment Planning Systems for Single-Fraction Spine SBRT
M.Taylor*, J.Fontenot
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-14
SaturdayA Fully-Automated Field-In-Field Algorithm for Rectal Cancer
K.Huang*, P.Das, D.Fuentes, A.Olanrewaju, D.Hancock, D.Rhee,
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-15
SaturdayIn Vivo Cherenkov Imaging Monitors FLASH RT
M.Rahman*, M.Ashraf, R.Zhang, X.Cao, D.Gladstone, L.Jarvis,
J.Hoopes, B.Pogue, P.Bruza
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-16
SaturdayDosimetric and Clinical Advantages of 3D Conformal Helical Tomotherapy Over the Direct Tomotherapy Box Field Technique for Cervical Cancer
R.Subramani*, J.Amalraj, P.Anchineyan, S.Anchiyam, D.Adulkar, B.Patneedi,
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-17
SaturdayAnalysis of a Surface Imaging System Using a Six Degree of Freedom Couch for Setting Stereotactic Radiosurgery Treatment Action Level
X.Zhao*, E.Covington, R.Popple
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-18
SaturdayIntegration of Automation Into An Existing Clinical Workflow to Improve Efficiency and Reduce Errors in the Treatment Planning Process for Electron Radiation Therapy
M.Coyne*, Q.Diot, R.Lanning, A.Mahl, L.Schubert, K.Stuhr,
J.Backus, S.Stoehr, M.Miften, D.Thomas
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-19
SaturdayResults of Using An Automated Tool for the Verification of TPS and OIS Database Consistency Following Treatment Plan Transfer
W.Donahue*, E.Draeger, D.Han, Z.Chen
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-20
SaturdayExperimental Determination of In-Water Relative Dose Distribution for a Novel Y-90 Disc Source with 3D-Printed Film Dosimetry Tools
L.Huang*, X.Chang, J.Liu, J.Chang, Y.Cao
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-21
SaturdayA New Clinical Workflow for Dose Accumulation of Spine SBRT in RayStation
M.Vaccarelli*, E.Han, S.Svensson
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-23
SaturdayDevelopment and Implementation of a Novel 3D Printed Patient-Specific Cerrobend Mould Workflow
A.Jaffe*, J.Anderson
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-24
SaturdayFeasibility of Utilizing Spot-Scanning Proton Arc (SPArc) for Whole Lung Irradiation and Mitigate the Breathing-Induced Interplay Effect
L.Zhao, G.Liu, A.Qin, D.Yan, X.Li, C.Stevens,
R.Deraniyagala, X.Ding*
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-25
SaturdayIdentification of Ferromagnetic Materials of Medical Devices in Patients by Using Dual Energy CT
Y.Lu*, D.Ragan, M.Bhalla, B.Barnes, T.Crawford, Y.Liu
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-27
SaturdayValidating Water-Equivalent Diameter From CT Localizers
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-28
SaturdayCTDIvol in Wide-Beam Dual-Energy CT Scanners
N.Correa*, I.Barreto, M.Arreola
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-29
SaturdayMP Reports+: Database Information Extraction and Spreadsheet Reporting Tool
I.Rutel*, J.Box, M.Yang
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-30
SaturdayFirst Time Implementation of a Physics Ultrasound (US) Testing Program: Analysis and New Lessons
K.Stiles*, R.Makkia, D.Vergara, A.Dohatcu
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-31
Evaluation and Comparison of Brainlab Elements Version 2.0 and 3.0
G.Baltz*, R.Seier, S.Kirsner
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-32
SaturdayA Highly-Efficient Planning and Delivery Method for Proton Spatially Fractionated Radiation Therapy
J.Yu*, A.Wroe, R.Kotecha, A.Gutierrez
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-33
SaturdayDosimetric Impact of CT Artifacts for Spine SBRT
M.Bussiere*, T.Botticello, J.Daly, A.Schwartz, K.Oh, J.Daartz
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-34
SaturdaySwitching From Type B to Type C Dose Calculation Algorithm: Maintaining Treatment Planning Continuity in Head and Neck Treatments
V.Feygelman*, K.Latifi, M.Bowers, K.Greco, E.Moros, M.Isacson,
A.Angerud, J.Caudell
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-35
SaturdayIntensity Modulation in Electron UHDR FLASH Radiotherapy
M.Rahman*, K.Erhart, D.Gladstone, P.Bruza, L.Jarvis, B.Pogue,
J.Hoopes, R.Zhang
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-36
SaturdayOff-Axis Validation of a Beam Model Used for Single-Isocenter Multiple Metastasis Stereotactic Radiosurgery Treatment
P.Dupre*, K.Wilson, S.Benhabib, M.Joo, Q.Xu, K.Huynh,
W.Nie, J.Fan
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-37
SaturdayEvaluation of Siemens SOMATOM CT-Simulator Reconstruction Space And Correlation Of Physical and Clinical Image Quality
P.Patel, D.Olek, E.Butler, R.Pino
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-38
SaturdayAuto Analysis Commissioning On EPID Image Based Winston Lutz Tests
J.Xu*, C.Kalavagunta, J.Xu
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-39
SaturdayAn Algorithm to Select the Optimal Combination of Dual Energy CT Images to Improve Target and Organs at Risk Visualization
N.Thorne*, E.Izaguirre
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-40
SaturdayCombining VMAT and Multi-Scan CBCT Technique for Craniospinal Irradiation On a Conventional Linac
F.Clemente-gutiƩrrez*, A.Forner, M.Gomez Aparicio, M.Diez Gallego, J.Merino Gestoso, M.Chapel-Gomez,
E.Lozano, M.Carrizo Ibarra, A.Lozano Martinez, S.Sastre Gallego
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-41
SaturdayCharacterization of a Novel Kilovoltage Fan Beam CT System Integrated with a Ring Gantry Linac
G.Gibbard*, J.Tan, T.Zhuang, Y.Park, K.Wang, W.Lu,
M.Lin, R.Reynolds, A.Godley, A.Pompos, S.Jiang,
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-42
SaturdayEvaluation of Personalized Planning Tool for Head and Neck Cancer
S.Ahmed*, T.Gray, C.Liu, D.LaHurd, E.Murray, N.Woody,
S.Koyfman, P.Xia
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-43
SaturdayUtility of 3D Printer in Brachytherapy to Fabricate End-To-End Testing Phantoms for Multiple Purposes
A.Gomez, L.Rodriguez, W.Romaguera, T.Poozhikala, T.Romaguera, J.Contreras,
R.Tolakanahalli, V.Chaswal*
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-44
SaturdayEvaluation of Geometric Distortions of Radiosurgery MRI Protocols for Three MR Scanners
H.Wang*, A.Kocharian, R.Pino
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-45
SaturdayComparison of Film and Diamond Detector Small Field Dosimetry Commissioning Measurements
S.Zabinski*, J.Giltz
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-46
SaturdayDosimeter Characteristics of 3D Printed Boluses
R.Li*, M.Li, C.Song, S.Tafon Penn, N.Deb, T.Xue
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-47
SaturdayImage Based Mechanical Isocenter Runout Measurement
A.Lukban*, I.Crooks
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-48
SaturdayDifference Between Optimized and Final Dose in Lung SBRT Treatment Planning
K.Skidmore*, C.Ramsey, I.Pfeiffer, J.Bowling, T.Nosovitsky
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-49
SaturdayEvaluation of Off-Axis Spatial Precision for Varian and Elekta Linear Accelerators
C.Ramsey*, J.Bowling, A.Usynin, I.Pfeiffer, S.West, D.Chase
 PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-50
SaturdayAn Inverse Planning Technique for High Dose Rate Tandem and Ovoid
A.Harnage*, C.Ramsey, J.Bowling, I.Pfeiffer, G.Clark