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The 2022 AAPM IMRT QA Meeting will apply to The Commission on Accreditation of Medical Physics Education Programs, Inc. (CAMPEP) for approval of MPCEC hours.

To obtain continuing education credit, attendees must view each session in entirety and complete an online CEC evaluation survey. Session attendance is tracked via virtual software.

Please note your badge I.D. will be required in order to complete the online CEC evaluation survey.

The survey will be available online Monday, January 24th through Thursday, March 10, 2022.

Attendees must complete the survey by March 10th in order to receive CAMPEP credit.

Attendees can only evaluate sessions that have taken place on days covered by their registration category.

After the meeting:

Following the close of the 2022 AAPM IMRT QA Meeting online CEC evaluation system, AAPM will provide CAMPEP with participant contact information, credits earned, and the appropriate processing fees in order for individual participants to access their personal 2022 AAPM IMRT QA Meeting transcript via the CAMPEP online MPCEC Repository database. Please be advised, CAMPEP transcripts are viewable via the CAMPEP online MPCEC Repository database. Participants will not receive a hardcopy CAMPEP transcript. Should a participant need a hardcopy of the 2022 AAPM IMRT QA Meeting transcript, an individual may order a hardcopy transcript from CAMPEP. View details here.

Medical Physicist registrants will be contacted with instructions for viewing the meeting transcript via the CAMPEP website. The transcript will list a description of the sessions and the number of continuing education credits obtained.

MPCEC credits will be released on March 17, 2022.

Note: Individuals registered as Companions are not eligible for MPCEC.

The CEC Evaluation System is closed. Credits will be released to attendees on March 17, 2022.



Many AAPM members now require Maintenance of Certification (MOC) as defined by the American Board of Radiology (ABR). At least 75 continuing education (CE) credits are required every 3 years. CE credits may be met by a combination of Category 1 credits (CAMPEP or ACCME) and self-directed educational projects (SDEPs). At least 25 of the 75 CE credits must be self-assessment CE (SA-CE). Other than ABR prequalified SAMs and SDEPs, the ABR will count all AMA Category 1 CME activities in “enduring materials” (including web-based and print) and “journal-based CME” formats toward the MOC self-assessment requirement. SAMS are not required, but can be used to meet the (SA-CE) requirements. Information regarding the MOC requirements can be found at What is MOC.

Virtual Meeting Process…

To assist attendees who require MOC, AAPM will offer many ABR approved SAM sessions. AAPM will monitor SAM session attendance electronically. Attendees must attend each SAM session in its entirety to earn credit. No exceptions. SAM questions are no longer embedded in SAM presentations, so audience interaction is not needed. SAM questions will be included as part of the online evaluation survey. In order to receive SAM credit, participants must answer the questions online. There is no pass/fail. SAM credit for these sessions are available only to attendees who complete the required online evaluation of the session and whose attendance has been verified.

To obtain SAM Credit. It's Simple…

You must attend the entire SAM session to be eligible to receive SAM credit.

You must complete the online evaluation survey in order to receive SAM credit. Please note your badge I.D. is required in order to complete the online evaluation survey.

Evaluate in real time! Use your phone, iPad or laptop to access the Online Evaluation System. You may go online at any time, during the session or after the session, as long as you complete the evaluation survey by the March 10, 2022 deadline.

AAPM Transfers SAM Credits to the CME Gateway.Update your CME Gateway account:

  • Sign onto the CME Gateway.
  • Click on the Participating Organizations Tab.
  • Select The American Association of Physicists in Medicine (SAM/SA-CME)
  • Enter your AAPM user ID and password and click register.
  • Click on the Reports Tab to view SAM credits.

SAM Questions

The SAM quiz questions are available for viewing before each SAM session starts. Check back for SAM questions to be posted here.