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Meeting Format

The meeting platform will open January 24 – 25 for presentations and interactive discussions and will remain open to registered attendees for six weeks for On-Demand viewing.

Presenter Deadlines

November 4 at 2:00pm 30-min call to explain the vision for the meeting and expectations.
November 10 SAM questions, references, and detailed outline due.
This applies to SAM presenters and moderators (only). Look for an email with further instructions from Jackie Ogburn, Senior Education Manager.
January 6, 2022 Deadline to upload discussion questions to Dropbox
January 13, 2022 Last day to submit your pre-recorded presentation (as .MP4 file)
January 13, 2022 Last day to submit your presentation saved as a .pdf (handouts to be posted on the platform for meeting registrants only)


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Presentation Preparation Guidelines

All .MP4 presentations must be uploaded by Midnight Eastern Time on Thursday, January 13.

Presenters are asked to use the meeting .ppt template to create presentations. The program organizers would like you to include video of yourself when you do your recording.

  • All presentations for the meeting need to be created as a “Narrated PowerPoint or Keynote Presentation” outputted as an MP4 video file. Instructions on creating the file are included here.
  • IMPORTANT: Plan your presentation to strictly adhere to the time allotted.If you have any questions on content as you prepare your presentation, please discuss directly with the moderator of your session. It is important to stay within the time allocated to your presentation and to include 5 minutes for Q&A. (If you have been allocated 30 minutes total, your recorded presentation time should be 25 minutes.)
  • AAPM will provide a dropbox upload site that is available to all speakers/presenters for pre-submission of the video and .pdf files. Moderators will not create content but will have access to the upload site and be able to download and review files for their session(s). You will receive a separate email from AAPM containing the link to the upload site and instructions on using the site.
  • For this year’s event we will be using Zoom video conferencing technology and broadcasting it directly into the Cvent platform for both viewing and individual interaction. Presenters and Moderators will need to participate using their local web cam and computer audio. Each participant is requested to download and review this document to prepare for their participation.

Live Meeting Operational Overview

Presenters, Moderators and audience members are expected to be present at the designated time for each session in order to participate.

  • Each session will be managed by a Technical Producer.
  • Technical Producer will Initiate the Zoom session and act as the host and ensure that the specified Presenter(s) and Moderator(s) are present and can be seen/heard if/when necessary.
  • Technical Producer will run the meeting according to a pre-arranged agenda where the specified presentations will be played in order from their previously recorded video files.
  • For live Q&A, the Technical Producer will enable the cameras/microphones of the presenters so they may participate.
  • Sessions are scheduled for a specific period and will start and end on time.
  • Chat will be offered during each session and will be moderated.
  • Presenters and Moderators will be required to be present in the Zoom Green Room 15 minutes before the beginning of their allotted time to give enough time to get prepared and correct any technical issues.
  • AAPM staff members will be able to communicate directly with the Technical Producer for each session using chat. This chat will not be visible to Attendees, Moderators and Presenters.