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Joint Therapy-Diagnostic

  • Challenges in MRI Only Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning


  • Modern Treatment Planning Techniques
  • Task Group Group Chat
  • Understanding the Special Procedures: Alternative Modalities for the Clinical Physicist
  • Adept at Adapting: Adaptive Radiotherapy Techniques
  • Detector Selection for External Beam Radiation Therapy Quality Assurance
  • Introducing Novel In-house Technologies into the Clinic: Successes, Failures, and Learning Experiences
  • Error Prevention Toolbox: Medical Events and Learning Systems
  • In the Clinic: Short Oral


  • Image-Guided Breast Biopsy: QC Manual Update from the ACR and Clinical Case Review
  • Artificial Intelligence in Breast Imaging: Current State and Future Applications
  • Mammography Vendor Technology Updates, Quality Control Overview, and Q&A


  • CT Updates - TG 238: C-arms with 3D Volumetric Imaging Capability and Diagnostic CT: Monitoring Dose and Image Quality Metrics
  • Carson-Zagzebski US Distinguished Lectureship - Assessing Blood Flow Rates in Ultrasound: Clinical Rationale and the Physicist's Role in Getting it Right
  • MP Imaging Residency Programs – Everything You Wanted to Ask but Never Did
  • In the Clinic: Short Oral


  • Presidential Symposium on Med Phys Workforce
  • Causal Analysis and Incident Learning
  • Navigating Conflicts of Interest in Medical Physics: Ensuring Ethical Practice and Patient Safety
  • MPPGs
  • Gov. Relations Post-COVID
  • In the Clinic: Short Oral