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Session: Novel Imaging Technologies for Motion Management in Radiotherapy [Return to Session]

Novel Imaging Technologies for Motion Management in Radiotherapy

W Yang1*, L Ren2*, T Pan3*, (1) Keck School of Medicine of USC, Los Angeles, CA, (2) University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD, (3) UT MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX


1:00 PM 4D-MRI, Motion and Beyond - W Yang, Presenting Author
1:20 PM 4D-CBCT: Where Are We and What's Next? - L Ren, Presenting Author
1:40 PM Data Driven Gated PET/CT - T Pan, Presenting Author

SU-C-TRACK 4-0 (Sunday, 7/25/2021) 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM [Eastern Time (GMT-4)]

Respiratory motion is an important topic in radiotherapy. In this presentation, we will review the new developments of 4D MRI, 4D CBCT and 4D PET/CT, and their applications to radiotherapy.

Learning objectives
1: new development of 4D MRI;
2: new development of 4D CBCT;
3: new development of 4D PET/CT.

Funding Support, Disclosures, and Conflict of Interest: NIH 1R21CA222749-01A1 and R03EB030280, and a ROSI grant from M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Division of Radiation Oncology. This research was conducted at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center for Advanced Biomedical Imaging in-part with equipment support from General Electric Healthcare. TP is consultant for Bracco Medical Systems, LLC.


PET, Registration, Respiration


IM- PET : Quantitative imaging

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