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Session: Hands-on Workshop: Simulated Error Training for the Physics Plan Review [Return to Session]

Hands-On Workshop: Simulated Error Training for the Physics Plan Review

L Schubert1*, P Johnson2*, G Kim3*, J Faught4*, (1) University of Colorado Denver, Aurora, CO, (2) University of Florida Health Proton Therapy Institute, Jacksonville, FL, (3) University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, CA, (4) St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, TN


10:30 AM Introduction to Simulated Error Training - L Schubert, Presenting Author
10:50 AM Overview of the WGPE Simulation Data Sets - P Johnson, Presenting Author
11:10 AM Hands On Session – Cases 1 & 2 - G Kim, Presenting Author
11:50 AM Hands On Session – Cases 3 & 4 - J Faught, Presenting Author

TH-AB-TRACK 7-0 (Thursday, 7/29/2021) 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM [Eastern Time (GMT-4)]

Simulated error training is a method to practice error detection in situations where the occurrence of error is low. Such is the case for the physics plan review where a physicist may check several plans before encountering a significant problem. By simulating potentially hazardous errors, physicists can become familiar with how they manifest and learn from mistakes made during a simulated plan review. To this end, the WGPE has developed a series of mock treatment plans/charts which include a variety of errors based on the risk-assessment performed by TG-275. The mock datasets include documentation, screen shots, and digital content derived from common treatment planning and radiation oncology information systems. In this workshop, attendees are invited to review several mock datasets via remote interface. Moderators will guide a group discussion related to the types of errors encountered, the use of systematic search methods, and recommendations derived from TG-275’s final report. The creation of the mock datasets will also be discussed along with personal experience implementing simulated error training as an educational tool for residents and trainees.

Learning Objectives:
1. Learn the rationale for simulated error training.
2. Learn how WGPE simulation data sets were created and their connection to TG-275 recommendations.
3. Learn how to implement the WGPE mock datasets as a training measure within a local setting.

Funding Support, Disclosures, and Conflict of Interest: This project is sponsored in part by an education grant provided by Elekta.



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