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Session: Advances in Tomotherapy Treatment and QA - New Guidelines from TG 306 [Return to Session]

Advances in Tomotherapy Treatment and QA - New Guidelines From TG 306

J Smilowitz1*, Q Chen2*, X Qi3*, J Burmeister4*, (1) University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, (2) University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, (3) UCLA School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA, (4) Wayne State University School of Medicine, Detroit, MI


3:30 PM Updates to Tomotherapy Delivery Platform Since TG 148 - J Smilowitz, Presenting Author
3:40 PM Update of Tolerance Limits, Frequencies and QA Methodology for Machine QA - Q Chen, Presenting Author
4:00 PM Update on Imaging, Treatment Planning and Patient Specific QA - X Qi, Presenting Author
4:20 PM Risk Based Assessment for Tomotherapy Delivery (FMEA Analysis ) - J Burmeister, Presenting Author

TH-E-TRACK 7-0 (Thursday, 7/29/2021) 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM [Eastern Time (GMT-4)]

Since the publication of Task Group 148 in 2010, the TomoTherapy platform has undergone substantial development involving treatment delivery, image guidance, motion management, and treatment planning systems (TPS). New hardware and software capabilities have dramatically changed its delivery and planning characteristics. Task Group 306 was formed to provide guidance on the implementation, management, and quality assurance for these technological advances. In this session, the work of Task Group 306 will be presented. We will start by summarizing changes to the TomoTherapy platform since 2010. The impact on clinical delivery and QA practices, including QA tests and tolerance limits will then be presented. Finally, results of an FMEA analysis performed by the task group members on the TomoTherapy treatment planning and delivery processes will be presented.

Learning Objectives:

1. Review updates/changes to tomotherapy delivery and planning since TG 148.
2. Present updated tolerance limits, frequencies and QA tests for tomotherapy and Radixact delivery systems
3. Present updated imaging, treatment planning and patient specific QA
4. Learn about a performing risk bases assessment for tomotherapy (FMEA analysis) based on clinical practice.


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