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Session: AAPM/IAEA Joint Professional Symposium: Ethics in Practice [Return to Session]

AAPM/IAEA Joint Professional Symposium: Ethics in Practice

G White1*, G Loreti2*, C Skourou3*, (1) Medical Physics Services, Colorado Springs, CO, (2) International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, Wien, AT, (3) Beaumont Hospital, Dublin, IE


10:30 AM Introduction - D van der Merwe, Presenting Author
10:40 AM Ethics in Medical Physics: The AAPM Perspective - G White, Presenting Author
10:52 AM Ethics in Medical Physics: The IAEA Perspective - G Loreti, Presenting Author
11:04 AM Ethics in Translation - C Skourou, Presenting Author
11:16 AM Discussion and Audience Q&A - D van der Merwe, Presenting Author

TU-A-TRACK 1-0 (Tuesday, 7/27/2021) 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM [Eastern Time (GMT-4)]

The AAPM has developed a code of ethics to guide professional conduct, as well as a published curriculum to educate medical physics residents in ethics. This symposium seeks to promote a conversation in the field of ethics as it pertains to global medical physics practice and outreach. The IAEA has identified a lack of awareness of the importance of ethics and its potential to strengthen professional behavior, e.g. the need for competencies to encourage medical physics professionals to question and raise ethical dilemmas in daily practice. Wider recognition of medical physics as a health profession and more exposure to ethics in medical physics education, are key to addressing challenges in ethical behavior.

Learning Objectives:
1. Realize the extent to which ethical principles can be applied to practice, procedures and tools
2. Explain the importance of awareness of ethics in global activities and cooperation
3. Explore what the AAPM and IAEA can do to promote education in ethics for medical physics worldwide by sharing experiences and supporting international initiatives



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