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Session: Increasing the Contribution of Radiology and Imaging Physics to Global Health Initiatives [Return to Session]

Increasing the Contribution of Radiology and Imaging Physics to Global Health Initiatives

E Medel Baez1*, C Morrison2*, D Mollura3*, C Borras4*, (1) Puebla, MX, (2) Henry Ford Health System, Detroit, MI, (3) Rad-aid International, Chevy Chase, MD, (4) Washington, DC


3:30 PM A Therapy Physicist’s Perspective: Developing a Radiology Quality Assurance Program in an Underserved Region - E Medel Baez, Presenting Author
3:42 PM An Imaging Physicist’s Perspective: Volunteering in Underserved Regions - C Morrison, Presenting Author
3:54 PM RAD-AID International’s Initiatives to Improve Access to Radiological Care - D Mollura, Presenting Author
4:06 PM The Role of Intergovernmental Organizations in Promoting Radiology to Improve Global Health - C Borras, Presenting Author
4:18 PM Audience Q&A - A Rubinstein, Presenting Author

MO-E-TRACK 7-0 (Monday, 7/26/2021) 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM [Eastern Time (GMT-4)]

AAPM and its individual members have been engaged in global outreach efforts for some time. AAPM’s imaging physics community is involved in projects with several intergovernmental and non-governmental international organizations (e.g., the IAEA and RAD-AID). However, some imaging physicists - especially those early in their career - may find it difficult to break into global health work. Even once actively involved, they may have difficulty making meaningful, effective contributions. In some regions, physicists’ work is hindered by a lack of regulations, enforcement of regulations, and resources needed to comply with regulations. Often, the work of individual physicists is not part of a concerted, continuous effort and would benefit from more organized partnerships. With the formation of the International Council, AAPM’s global activities have been centralized to allow for more efficient use of resources and greater collaboration between individual efforts. To foster participation at a global level, this session will highlight AAPM’s current contributions to global health initiatives in radiology and will discuss challenges and areas of growth. We will demonstrate the need for radiology and imaging physics services in regions with limited resources, provide examples of successful partnerships, and illustrate opportunities for continued growth.

Learning Objectives:
1. Learn about challenges faced in regions with limited access to radiology and imaging physics services
2. Increase awareness of opportunities for imaging physicists to contribute to global health initiatives
3. Learn about creating successful, effective partnerships with institutions in low-resource regions



Global Health, Outreach, Imaging Physics


Leadership: Inspirational Leadership - Inspiring and guiding individuals and groups.

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