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Session: 2021 Annual Student Meeting: Beyond the Clinic - Medical Physics in Industry [Return to Session]

2021 Annual Student Meeting: Beyond the Clinic - Medical Physics in Industry

P Naine1*, M Bellon2*, C Lin3*, (1) Elekta, Inc., Atlanta, GA, (2) ViewRay Incorporated, Mountain View, CA, (3) OnLume Inc, Madison, WI


10:30 AM Introduction - A Khan, Presenting Author
10:40 AM Medical Physicists in Industry: Present and Future - P Naine, Presenting Author
11:00 AM Transitioning from a Clinical to an Industry Career - M Bellon, Presenting Author
11:20 AM Beginning a Novel Career as a Medical Physicist - C Lin, Presenting Author
11:40 AM AAPM Initiatives to Promote Industry Careers - A Khan, Presenting Author
12:00 PM Questions/Discussions/Interactive Exercise - A Khan, Presenting Author

SU-AB-TRACK 2-0 (Sunday, 7/25/2021) 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM [Eastern Time (GMT-4)]

The 2021 Annual Student Meeting aims to discuss the role of medical physicists in the industrial workplace and the necessary skills required to succeed in such an environment. The majority of the medical physics graduate students and trainees are unaware of the industrial internship opportunities available to them and lack guidance in terms of what elective coursework to take to successfully obtain an industry job post-graduation. Furthermore, many mid-career medical physicists struggle to successfully transition from a clinical/academic job to an industry job in case they desire to switch careers.

As part of this meeting, the three speakers will share their experiences as industry physicists, including the journey to where they are now. As a recent graduate, Dr. Christie Lin will connect with current graduate students and recent grads, discussing her recent transition from graduate school to the industry and offer advice for those interested in a similar career path. For mid-career clinical physicists who are considering switching careers to the industry, Maria Bellon will be speaking about her transition to ViewRay after many years as a clinical physicist. Additionally, an established physicist who has worked their entire career in industry, Paul Naine, will speak about his experiences and the future of medical physics in the industry.

These presentations will be followed by an interactive discussion and Q&A session with the speakers, facilitated by student moderators. Join us in this session to learn about life as an industry physicist and learn about the many paths taken by those currently in the industry.

Learning Objectives:
1) Learn about a day in the life of an industry physicist
2) Understand the didactic and non-didactic requirements to be successful in an industry job
3) Get insights into the future of the medical physics industry


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