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Session: 21 Years into the 21st Century: Modern Scientific Publishing in Medical Physics and the JACMP [Return to Session]

21 Years Into the 21st Century: Modern Scientific Publishing in Medical Physics and the JACMP

M Mills1*, A Cetnar2*, J Boone3*, S Benedict4*, (1) James Graham Brown Cancer Center, Louisville, KY, (2) The Ohio State University - James Cancer Hospital, Grove City, OH, (3) UC Davis Medical Center, Sacramento, CA, (4) UC Davis Cancer Center, Sacramento, CA


4:30 PM JACMP: Emerging Trends in Open Access Publishing - M Mills, Presenting Author
4:43 PM JACMP: Taxonomy and Video Abstracts - A Cetnar, Presenting Author
4:56 PM Medical Physics: The New Editorial Model - J Boone, Presenting Author
5:09 PM Medical Physics: Article Categories - S Benedict, Presenting Author
5:22 PM Q&A - J Boone, Presenting Author

WE-F-TRACK 1-0 (Wednesday, 7/28/2021) 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM [Eastern Time (GMT-4)]

Scientific publishing is evolving rapidly and AAPM's journals are adapting to stay at the forefront of serving our patients and our profession. Authors and readers alike will benefit from hearing from the Editors-in-Chief and Deputy Editors of Medical Physics and the Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics (JACMP) about their latest work to modernize their publications as platforms for dissemination of important new medical physics knowledge.

As an open access journal, JACMP provides worldwide reach to authors and attracts readers who lack access to publications using a traditional subscription model. Open access publishing is affected by a number of trends of which both prospective authors should be aware. Authors will also benefit from learning about the taxonomy used by JACMP for its content. As modern publishing evolves from a print-only medium to a digital multimedia environment, JACMP has launched new initiatives such as video abstracts which will also be highlighted in this session.

A new editorial model for Medical Physics that provides a more horizontal construct for leadership and participation in the review process has been employed that includes 15 Deputy Editors. The Deputy Editors provide expertise that encompasses the entire taxonomy of topics published in Medical Physics, and the global reach of Deputy Editors includes Asia, North America and Europe. This presentation will expand on the benefits of this new editorial model, and the dynamic challenges it must address for the premier journal of our profession.

The Medical Physics journal publishes Research Articles and Technical Notes on a range of medical physics topics, which include Therapeutic interventions; Diagnostic Imaging (Ionizing and Non-Ionizing); Quantitative Imaging and Image Processing, Emerging Imaging and therapy Modalities; and Computational and Experimental Dosimetry. These article types and categories will be briefly presented in terms of the continuing expansion of our field.

Learning objectives:
1. Explain the new editorial approach and review process for Medical Physics.
2. Discuss trends impacting open access publishing in the field of medical physics.
3. Apply correct journal taxonomy to manuscripts submitted for publication to Medical Physics and JACMP.
4. Describe the benefits of video abstracts.

Funding Support, Disclosures, and Conflict of Interest: M Mills receives compensation for serving as Editor-In-Chief of JACMP. A Cetnar has nothing to disclose. J Boone receives compensation for serving as Editor-In-Chief of Medical Physics. S Benedict receives compensation for serving as Therapy Editor of Medical Physics.



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