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Automating Brachytherapy Treatment Plan Document Generation by Using Eclipse Scripting API (v15.6)

R Sheu*, N Vassell, C Teng, Y Lo, Mount Sinai Health System, New York, NY


PO-GePV-T-27 (Sunday, 7/25/2021)   [Eastern Time (GMT-4)]

Purpose: To simplify generating brachytherapy treatment plan documents in Eclipse (Varian) and to streamline the process of independent dose check, an Eclipse Script API (ESAPI) “uPRINT Brachy” has been developed to automate the preparation of treatment plan documents.

Methods: ESAPI (v15.6) has been used to retrieve brachytherapy treatment plan parameters from Eclipse. An independent dose check was built in based on simple inverse-square law algorithm. Eclipse viewing plane parameters are not accessible in current ESAPI version; therefore, an ARIA SQL query was implemented for retrieving these parameters in order to replicate the display in the Eclipse application. Additionally, an XML parser and “VarianSolidApplicator” class were implemented in order to import the solid applicator definition from Varian applicator files (.acrpx) and render its 3D geometry in isodose display. The planning document is generated in HTML format and can be printed or saved as PDF via web browsers.

Results: Scripting plan printing simplifies the brachytherapy treatment plan document preparation, and the built-in independent dose check further streamlines our workflow. The dose check automatically applies all reference points with physical locations, and users can select/unselect them for reporting. Since brachytherapy plans are often displayed in arbitrary rotated views, aligning applicators using pre-set viewing plane parameters from Eclipse (retrieving from ARIA database) is highly recommended for automation and minimizing user intervention. The solid applicator rendering feature retains the same visual quality compared to an Eclipse screenshot when there is no CT/anatomy present.

Conclusion: ESAPI version 15.6 enables users to access brachytherapy plan treatment parameters. Our work demonstrates an implementation of automating the brachytherapy plan document preparation process by using ESAPI. This work not only can improve efficiency and reduce errors, but can also provide matching graphic quality of documents currently prepared using Eclipse printing/screenshot functions.



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