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Keywords: fluorescence
PO-GePV-T-402Clinical Implementation of PDT Dose and Reactive Oxygen Species Explicit Dosimetry (ROSED) for Pleural Photodynamic Therapy (pPDT)
Y Ong*, A Dimofte, K Cengel, T Zhu, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
PO-GePV-T-439Evaluation of A New Method to Measure Colony Growth In-Vitro
R Holden*, J Park, A Lynnette Price, D Dunn, S Floyd, M Oldham, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC
SU-IePD-TRACK 1-7Investigation of Bias-Voltage Dependent Operational Characteristics of An Energy-Resolving Pixelated Cadmium Telluride Detector System Within An Experimental Benchtop X-Ray Fluorescence Imaging System
H Moktan*, R K Panta, S H Cho, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX
TU-C-TRACK 6-4Investigating the Impact of Sustainable Delivery of Immunoadjuvant From Smart Radiotherapy Biomaterial in Pancreatic Cancer
M Moreau13*, S Yasmin-Karim12, N Bih1, W Ngwa123, (1) Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA, (2) Brigham and Womens Hospital, Boston, MA, (3) University of Massachusetts Lowell, Lowell, MA
TU-IePD-TRACK 6-7Radiotherapy Enhanced by Cherenkov Photo-Activation in a Novel Rat Brain Slice Model
R Holden*, A Lynnette Price, J Park, D Dunn, S Floyd, M Oldham, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC