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Imaging in Treatment PlanningSunday - 7/25/2021
Multi-Disciplinary Scientific Session11:30 AM - 12:30 PMTRACK 6

Moderator 1: Daniel Low

Moderator 2: Eenas A Omari

11:30 AM
SU-B-TRACK 6-1 : A Fully Automated Approach for Labeling, Contouring, and Treatment Planning of Vertebral Bodies, Including Automatic Verification to Prevent Errors
T. Netherton*, C. Nguyen, C. Cardenas, C. Chung, A. Klopp, L. Colbert, D. Rhee, C. Peterson, R. Howell, P. Balter, L. Court
11:37 AM
SU-B-TRACK 6-2 : AI Agent Competing with Human in Planning Challenge: A Human-Expert Level Virtual Treatment Planner Network for Prostate Cancer Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT)
C. Shen*, C. Men, Y. Gao, L. Chen, X. Jia
11:44 AM
SU-B-TRACK 6-3 : Evaluating the Clinical Acceptability of Deep Learning Contours in Prostate Radiotherapy
J. Duan*, M. Bernard, B. Willows, L. Downes, W. Mourad, W. St Clair, X. Feng, Q. Chen
11:51 AM
SU-B-TRACK 6-4 : Managing Tumor Changes During Fractionated Radiotherapy: Evaluation On a Deep-Learning-Based Predictive Model and a Re-Planning Strategy
R. Li*, A. Roy, N. Kirby, N. Bice, S. Sivabhaskar, M. Fakhreddine, N. Papanikolaou
11:58 AM
SU-B-TRACK 6-5 : Mapping Motion-Induced Dose Variations On Bladder Surfaces: A Novel Surface-Based Dose Modeling for Accurate Dose Assessment in Fractionated Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy
Y. Lao*, M. Cao, Y. Yang, A. Kishan, W. Yang, Y. Wang, K. Sheng
12:05 PM
SU-B-TRACK 6-6 : Towards Daily Online Adaptive SBRT for Pancreatic Cancer: Dosimetric Analysis of Daily Adaptive Re-Planning Using Re-Optimization and Dose Escalation Techniques
J. Niedzielski*, S. Beddar, R. Martin, L. Perles, N. Rebueno, E. Holliday, G. Smith, B. Minsky, E. Ludmir, P. Das, E. Koay, C. Taniguchi, A. Koong, G. Sawakuchi
12:12 PM
SU-B-TRACK 6-7 : Online Adaptive Radiotherapy: Assessment of Planning Technique and On-Table Adaptive Plan Quality
K. Mittauer*, J. Bryant, A. Gomez, T. Romaguera, D. Alvarez, J. McCulloch, R. Herrera, D. Doty, M. Mehta, A. Gutierrez, M. Chuong


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