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Radiobiology and Preclinical SystemsTuesday - 7/27/2021
Therapy Scientific Session2:00 PM - 3:00 PMTRACK 6

Moderator 1: Yannick Poirier, University of Maryland School of Medicine

Moderator 2: Magdalena Bazalova-Carter, University of Victoria

2:00 PM
TU-D-TRACK 6-1 : ATR Inhibition Suppresses DNA Damage Signaling and Sensitizes Cancer Cells to Photons and Protons
D. Martinus*, S. Bright, D. Flint, B. Turner, M. Manandhar, M. Ben Kacem, S. Shaitelman, G. Sawakuchi
2:07 PM
TU-D-TRACK 6-2 : Modeling DNA Structure with Different Chromatin Compaction in TOPAS-NBio Using Hi-C Representations
D. Yoo*, N. Henthron, S. Ingram, M. Merchant, K. Kirkby, J. Warmenhoven, A. McNamara, K. Held, H. Paganetti, J. Schuemann
2:14 PM
TU-D-TRACK 6-3 : Mechanistic Modelling of Oxygen Enhancement Ratio with DNA Damage by GMicroMC
Y. Lai*, Y. Chi, X. Jia
2:21 PM
TU-D-TRACK 6-4 : Radiodynamic Therapy for Treatment of Lung Cancer: An In-Vivo Study
D. Yang*, D. Cvetkovic, L. Chen, C. Ma
2:28 PM
TU-D-TRACK 6-5 : Second Generation Silica-Based Bismuth Gadolinium Nanoparticles for Tumor Dose Enhancement and Real-Time MR-Tracking
N. Virani*, P. Rocchi, F. Lux, T. Doussineau, C. Williams, E. Huynh, E. Kaza, O. Tillement, R. Berbeco
2:35 PM
TU-D-TRACK 6-6 : Development of a Novel System for Preclinical Small Animal MR-Guided Radiation Experiments
J. Grandinetti*, Y. Zhong, Y. Peng, C. Shen, X. Jia
2:42 PM
TU-D-TRACK 6-7 : Improving the Efficiency of Small Animal IMRT with Submillimeter Dose Deposition Kernels and Total Variation Regularization
X. Liu*, A. Van Slyke, K. Shoniyozov, R. Wiersma