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Novel and Emerging Technologies in Radiation TherapyThursday - 7/29/2021
Multi-Disciplinary Scientific Session1:00 PM - 2:00 PMTRACK 6

Moderator 1: Ke Sheng, UCLA School of Medicine

Moderator 2: Cem Altunbas, University of Colorado School of Medicine

1:00 PM
TH-C-TRACK 6-1 : A Deconvolution-Based Image Fusion Technique for Heterogenous Multi-Layer Portal Imagers
I. Valencia Lozano*, M. Jacobson, M. Myronakis, T. Harris, M. Lehmann, P. Huber, R. Fueglistaller, D. Morf, R. Berbeco, C. Williams
1:07 PM
TH-C-TRACK 6-2 : Exploiting Pair Production for Nanoparticle Imaging and for In-Vivo Beam Monitoring in Megavoltage Radiotherapy
D. Brivio*, E. Sajo, P. Zygmanski
1:14 PM
TH-C-TRACK 6-3 : Hypersensitivity of Cancer Cells to Photon and Proton Radiation Caused by Disruption of Cell Cycle Arrest by An ATR Inhibitor
M. Manandhar*, S. Bright, B. Turner, D. Flint, M. Ben Kacem, D. Martinus, S. Shaitelman, G. Sawakuchi
1:21 PM
TH-C-TRACK 6-4 : Plastic and Lead-Doped Scintillators for Ultrahigh Dose-Rate Irradiations Delivered with An X-Ray Tube
D. Cecchi*, C. Gigeure, F. Larose, F. Therriault-Proulx, L. Beaulieu, M. Bazalova-Carter
1:28 PM
TH-C-TRACK 6-5 : The Feasibility of Measuring In Vivo Tumor Microenvironment PH During Radiotherapy Using a Novel Cerenkov Emission Multispectral Optical Probe Based On Silicon Photomultipliers
I. Oraiqat*, M. Koniczek, R. Clarke, A. Rehemtulla, I. El Naqa
1:35 PM
TH-C-TRACK 6-6 : Three-Dimensional Tumor Spheroid Model as a Tool to Optimize the Nano-Bio Interface
K. Bromma*, W. Beckham, D. Chithrani
1:42 PM
TH-C-TRACK 6-7 : Measurement of Secondary Neutron Spectrum with He4 Fast Neutron Detector
Y. Liang, S. Gokhale, J. Nimmagadda, E. Kryck, A. Enqvist, S. Samant*