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AI Applications in Image Guided Adaptive Radiation TherapyThursday - 7/29/2021
Multi-Disciplinary Scientific Session3:30 PM - 4:30 PMTRACK 4

Moderator 1: Xiaofeng Yang

Moderator 2: Wensha Yang

3:30 PM
TH-E-TRACK 4-1 : Few Shot Meta Learner for Post-Operative Prostate CTV Style Adaptation
A. Balagopal*, D. Nguyen, T. Bai, H. Morgan, M. Dohopolski, N. Desai, A. Garant, R. Hannan, S. Jiang
3:37 PM
TH-E-TRACK 4-2 : Multi-Year Clinical Experience with In-House Developed AI Auto-Segmentation for Radiotherapy Planning
S. Elguindi*, J. Jiang, A. Apte, A. Iyer, E. LoCastro, Y. Hu, E. Cha, E. Gillespie, I. Onochie, D. Gorovets, M. Zelefsky, S. Berry, M. Thor, J. Deasy, L. Cervino, H. Veeraraghavan
3:44 PM
TH-E-TRACK 4-3 : Physician Evaluation of Deep Learning-Based Dose Predictions for Head and Neck Radiotherapy
M. Gronberg*, S. Gay, B. Beadle, A. Olanrewaju, C. Cardenas, R. Howell, C. Peterson, C. Fuller, A. Jhingran, T. Netherton, D. Rhee, L. Court
3:51 PM
TH-E-TRACK 4-4 : Scale-Adaptive Convolutional Neural Network for Deformable Image Registration of Lung 4DCT
Y. Sang*, D. Ruan
3:58 PM
TH-E-TRACK 4-5 : Small Convolutional Neural Networks for Efficient 3D Medical Image Segmentation
A. Celaya, J. Actor, R. Muthusivarajan, E. Gates*, C. Chung, D. Schellingerhout, B. Riviere, D. Fuentes
4:05 PM
TH-E-TRACK 4-6 : CBCT-Based Prostate and Organs-At-Risk Segmentation Using Deep Attention Network
Y. Fu*, Y. Lei, T. Wang, S. Tian, J. Roper, P. Patel, A. Jani, J. Bradley, T. Liu, X. Yang
4:12 PM
TH-E-TRACK 4-7 : Automatic CT-Only Multi-Organ Segmentation for CT-On-Rails-Based Prostate Adaptive Radiotherapy
Y. Liu*, Y. Lei, T. Wang, Y. Fu, P. Patel, A. Jani, J. Bradley, T. Liu, X. Yang


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