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Novel Strategies Using Existing Imaging Technology for Planning, Delivery and Toxicity AnalysesThursday - 7/29/2021
Multi-Disciplinary Scientific Session4:30 PM - 5:30 PMTRACK 4

Moderator 1: Issam El Naqa, Moffitt Cancer Center

Moderator 2: Deanna Pafundi, Mayo Clinic

4:30 PM
TH-F-TRACK 4-1 : A Non-Parametric Analysis to Identify High-Risk Vs. Low-Risk Anatomic Regions Associated with Reduced Overall Survival in the RTOG 0617 Clinical Trial Data
J. Zhu*, M. Thor, A. Apte, J. Oh, A. Rimner, J. Deasy, A. Tannenbaum
4:37 PM
TH-F-TRACK 4-2 : Blood Dose Calculation in Radiotherapy
A. Hammi*, S. Tattenberg, F. Hueso-gonzalez
4:44 PM
TH-F-TRACK 4-3 : Enabling Few-View 3D Tomographic Image Reconstruction by Geometry-Informed Deep Learning
L. Shen*, W. Zhao, D. Capaldi, J. Pauly, L. Xing
4:51 PM
TH-F-TRACK 4-4 : Head-And-Neck IMRT Auto-Planning Through Fluence Map Prediction Using Progressive Growing of Generative Adversarial Networks
X. Li*, Q. Wu, Q. Wu, C. Wang, Y. Sheng, W. Wang, H. Stephens, F. Yin, Y. Ge
4:58 PM
TH-F-TRACK 4-5 : Improvements in Beam's Eye View Fiducial Tracking Using A Novel Multilayer Imager
T. Harris*, J. Seco, D. Ferguson, M. Jacobson, M. Myronakis, I. Valencia Lozano, M. Lehmann, P. Huber, R. Fueglistaller, D. Morf, H. Mamon, J. Mancias, N. Martin, R. Berbeco
5:05 PM
TH-F-TRACK 4-6 : Quantifying Radiation-Induced Lung Injury as a Function of Regional Radiation Therapy Dose Using Hyperpolarized-129Xe MRI
L. Rankine*, Z. Wang, E. Bier, C. Kelsey, S. Das, L. Marks, B. Driehuys
5:12 PM
TH-F-TRACK 4-7 : Predicting Locoregional Recurrence Through Multi-Modality and Multi-View Deep Learning for in Head & Neck Cancer
J. Guo*, R. Wang, Z. Zhou, K. Wang, R. Xu, J. Wang