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Dose and Imaging Performance Assessment in CT and CBCTWednesday - 7/28/2021
Imaging Scientific Session2:00 PM - 3:00 PMTRACK 3

Moderator 1: Jochen Cammin

Moderator 2: Catherine Coolens

2:00 PM
WE-D-TRACK 3-1 : A Method to Estimate a Fan-Beam CT NPS Using Two Basis Functions with a Limited Number of Noise Realizations
H. Jang*, M. Han, M. Ko, J. Baek
2:07 PM
WE-D-TRACK 3-2 : An Assessment of Uncertainties in Pediatric CT Organ Dosimetry When Scan Parameters and Individual Body Morphometry Are Unknown
C. Kofler*, E. Olguin, E. Stepusin, D. Long, M. Kwan, D. Miglioretti, R. Smith-bindman, W. Bolch
2:14 PM
WE-D-TRACK 3-3 : Diagnostic Reference Levels (DRLs) and Achievable Doses (ADs) for the 11 Most Commonly Performed Pediatric CT Examinations in the United States (USA) as a Function of Patient Age and Size Using 1.5 Million Examinations in the American College of Radiology (ACR) CT Dose Index Registry
K. Kanal*, P. Butler, M. Chatfield, J. Wells, E. Samei, M. Simanowith, D. Golden, D. Gress, J. Burleson, W. Sensakovic, K. Strauss, D. Frush
2:21 PM
WE-D-TRACK 3-4 : Fast Monte Carlo Simulation of Non-Isotropic X-Ray Source for CT Dose Calculation
S. Wang*, A. Imran, D. Pal, E. Zucker, A. Wang
2:28 PM
WE-D-TRACK 3-5 : Longitudinal QC Testing of CBCT and Helical MDCT Systems with a Unified Image Quality and Dose Phantom
M. Mahesh*, M. Fernandez, A. Uneri, J. Boone, J. Siewerdsen
2:35 PM
WE-D-TRACK 3-6 : A Scanner-Specific Simulation Platform for Virtual Imaging Trials in Deep Si-Based Photon-Counting CT
S. Sharma*, D. Pal, E. Abadi, P. Segars, J. Hsieh, E. Samei
2:42 PM
WE-D-TRACK 3-7 : Accurate and Efficient Measurement of Channelized Hotelling Observer-Based Low-Contrast Detectability On the ACR Accreditation Phantom
M. Fan*, T. Vrieze, T. Thayib, C. McCollough, L. Yu


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