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Radiation Dose Evaluation and VerificationThursday - 7/29/2021
Therapy Scientific Session4:30 PM - 5:30 PMTRACK 3

Moderator 1: Liangzhong Xiang

Moderator 2: Clemens Grassberger

4:30 PM
TH-F-TRACK 3-1 : A Dosimetric Evaluation of 223Ra-Dichloride Using a Realistic Model of the Metastatic Castrate-Resistant Prostate Cancer Microenvironment and Whole-Body Pharmacokinetics
A. Strunets*, D. Adam, J. Jeffery, B. Bednarz
4:37 PM
TH-F-TRACK 3-2 : Fetal and Maternal Atomic Bomb Survivor Dosimetry Using Kneeling and Lying Survivor Postures of J45 Pregnant Female Phantoms
W. Bolch, C. Correa, C. Paulbeck, K. Griffin, T. Sato, S. Funamoto, H. Cullings, S. Egbert, A. Endo, N. Hertel, C. Lee, S. Domal*
4:44 PM
TH-F-TRACK 3-3 : New Dosimetric Standard for Radiotherapy: Bounded Dose Volumetric Histogram Derived From Gamma Criteria
P. Olcott*, Y. Voronenko, A. Da Silva, O. Oderinde
4:51 PM
TH-F-TRACK 3-4 : In Vivo Relative Dosimetry with XACT Imaging: A Feasibility Study
K. Prather*, G. Gonzalez, P. Pandey, S. Wang, L. Xiang, Y. Chen
4:58 PM
TH-F-TRACK 3-5 : Model Based Reconstruction Algorithm for Transperineal XACT Imaging
L. Sun*, P. Pandey, Y. Chen, S. Ahmad, L. Xiang
5:05 PM
TH-F-TRACK 3-6 : Investigation Into the Relationship Patient Setup Accuracy and In-Vivo Transit Dosimetry for Image-Guided Volumetrically Modulated Total Body Irradiation (TBI)
S. Taneja*, J. Teruel, M. Malin, P. Galavis, A. Mccarthy, S. Ayyalasomayajula, C. Hitchen, N. Gerber, Y. Yuan, D. Barbee
5:12 PM
TH-F-TRACK 3-7 : Small-Cavity Detector Perturbation and Quality Correction Factors in Magnetic Resonance Imaging-Guided Radiotherapy Small Photon Beams
Y. Cervantes-Espinosa*, J. Duchaine, I. Billas, S. Duane, H. Bouchard


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