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Translational Technologies and TechniquesThursday - 7/29/2021
Multi-Disciplinary Scientific Session4:30 PM - 5:30 PMTRACK 5

Moderator 1: Fang-Fang Yin

Moderator 2: Tess Reynolds

4:30 PM
TH-F-TRACK 5-1 : A Development of An In-House Software for Motion Monitoring During the Stereotactic Paraspinal Treatment
Q. Fan*, H. Pham, P. Zhang, X. Li, T. Li
4:37 PM
TH-F-TRACK 5-2 : A Real-Time Surveillance System to Improve the Safety of MRI in Radiation Oncology
G. Tang*, P. Medin, A. Pompos, S. Jiang, Y. Yan
4:44 PM
TH-F-TRACK 5-3 : An International Validation of Knowledge-Based Planning
A. Babier*, R. Mahmood, B. Zhang, V. Leandro Alves, A. Barragan Montero, J. Beaudry, C. Cardenas, Y. Chang, Z. Chen, J. Chun, J. David, H. Eraso, E. Faustmann, S. Gaj, S. Gay, M. Gronberg, J. He, G. Heilemann, S. Hira, Y. Huang, F. Ji, D. Jiang, J. Jimenez Giraldo, H. Lee, J. Lian, K. Liu, S. Liu, K. Marixa, J. Marrugo, K. Miki, T. Netherton, D. Nguyen, A. Osman, Z. Peng, J. Quinto Muñoz, H. Nourzadeh, C. Ramsl, D. Rhee, H. Shan, J. Siebers, M. Soomro, K. Sun, A. Usuga Hoyos, C. Valderrama, R. Verbeek, E. Wang, S. Willems, Q. Wu, X. Xu, S. Yang, L. Yuan, S. Zhu, L. Zimmermann, K. Moore, T. Purdie, A. McNiven, T. Chan
4:51 PM
TH-F-TRACK 5-4 : Development of a Novel Dual-Modality Balloon Implant for Simultaneous HDR Brachytherapy and Magnetic Nanoparticle Hyperthermia of Brain Tumor Resection Cavities
S. Wan*, D. Rodrigues, P. Stauffer, Y. Yu, J. Kwiatkowski, K. Judy, O. Khanna, M. Bloem, R. Goldstein, M. Hurwitz, W. Shi
4:58 PM
TH-F-TRACK 5-5 : Prescription Tradeoff Decision Support for Pancreas SBRT: From Templates to Artificial Intelligence Models
Y. Xie*, R. Li, W. Wang, M. Hito, L. Zhang, W. Giles, H. Stephens, Q. Wu, F. Yin, Y. Ge, Q. Wu, Y. Sheng
5:05 PM
TH-F-TRACK 5-6 : Understanding Physician's Preference in Treatment Planning of Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy of Prostate Cancer
Y. Gao*, C. Shen, Y. Gonzalez, X. Jia
5:12 PM
TH-F-TRACK 5-7 : Use of CBCT for Reducing QACT Frequency in Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy: Head and Neck
W. Yao*, B. Zhang, D. Han, J. Polf, S. Vedam, G. Lasio, B. Yi


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