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Imaging General ePoster ViewingSunday - 7/25/2021
Imaging General ePoster Viewing AAPM ePoster Library

PO-GePV-I-1 : Dosimetric Evaluation of O-Arm Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) Scan Modes for Pediatric Head Scans
A. Shankar*, E. Olguin, F. Bova, M. Arreola

PO-GePV-I-2 : Evaluation of the Displayed Average Glandular Dose Of Hologic Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT) Systems
O. Osunbayo*, J. Feng, P. Svolos

PO-GePV-I-3 : Contrast-Enhanced Dual-Energy Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (CE-DE-DBT) Imaging: Iodine Concentration Estimation
B. Chen, Z. Zhang, D. Xia, E. Sidky, X. Pan*

PO-GePV-I-4 : Design of a Display Test Pattern to Assess Ambient Light Levels in a Radiologists' Reading Environment
C. Guo*, A. Sanchez, Z. Lu, E. Marshall, J. Chung, I. Reiser

PO-GePV-I-5 : Design of Nested Halbach Rings for Portable MRI Scanners
M. Ergor, N. Dogan, A. Bingolbali*

PO-GePV-I-6 : An Easy-To-Use Tool for Annual MRI Performance Evaluation Using the ACR Large Phantom
J. Storrs*, H. Khosravi, A. Fatemi

PO-GePV-I-8 : Fast T1 Mapping Optimization: A Phantom Study
Z. Razi*, Z. Zhang, Z. Mullaghy, A. Lloyd, H. Liu, M. Arreola

PO-GePV-I-9 : Commissioning of Commercial Quantitative R2* Mapping Software for Clinical Use
B. Taylor*, H. Chen, H. Liu, J. Yung, P. Hou, K. Brock, R. Stafford

PO-GePV-I-11 : 3D Computational Approach to Morphological Brain Abnormalities in Autism
S. Brindle*, C. Saben, R. Makkia

PO-GePV-I-13 : Evaluation of Coronary CTA On the Anomalies Origin of Coronary Artery: Location, Types, and Hemodynamic Variation
H. Zhao*, w. jiao, Q. Liu, J. Qiu

PO-GePV-I-15 : Evaluating Motion Correction in a Commercial Subtraction CT Registration Algorithm
A. Heshmat*, I. Barreto, L. Rill, M. Arreola

PO-GePV-I-17 : Beam-Shaping
Filter and Dosimetric Characterization of the Airo Mobile CT Scanner

A. Siddique*, Q. Chen, J. Zhang

PO-GePV-I-18 : CT Image Standardization for Radiomic Feature Enhancement in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
M. Selim*, J. Chen, B. Fei, G. Zhang, J. Zhang

PO-GePV-I-19 : Evaluation of Spatial Resolution Variability in Whole Body Bone Scans
K. Brown, R. Al-Senan*

PO-GePV-I-20 : TOPAS for Imaging: A Monte Carlo Simulation Tool for PET/SPECT/CBCT Imaging
J. Feld*, C. Zhang, G. Cojocaru, S. Longawa, H. Paganetti, J. Schuemann

PO-GePV-I-21 : Sparse-View CT Reconstruction Via Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) Using Fully Convolutional DenseNet (FC-DenseNet)
I. Park*, J. Chun, B. Choi, S. Yoo, J. Kim, H. Kim

PO-GePV-I-22 : Study of Cariporide Effect On Tumor Intracellular PH (pHi) Using Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer (CEST) MRI
M. Mozaffari*, N. Nystrom, A. Li, M. Bellyou, T. Scholl, R. Bartha

PO-GePV-I-23 : Conformance Analysis Between Positive Beam Limitation Quality Control Methods in Digital Roentgen-Ray Imaging
R. Perez Franco*, M. Fadhel, D. Vergara, A. Mustafa, I. Bercha

PO-GePV-I-24 : Direct Measurement of the Surface Dose Using a Plane-Parallel Ionization Chamber for Interventional Radiology
C. Nakatake*, F. Araki, T. Ohno, S. Tochihara, D. Sakabe, T. Sakamoto, Y. Yano, M. Fukamatsu, K. Nishimura

PO-GePV-I-25 : Optimisation of Radiation Dose and Image Quality for Six Different Flat Panel Detectors Using a Semi-Anatomical Chest Phantom
B. Pearlin*, R. Livingstone

PO-GePV-I-26 : 1D and 2D MTF Measurement for a Dual-Detector Image Receptor Using the Noise Response (NR) Method Compared with Using the Standard Edge Method
A. Jain*, X. Wu, S. Setlur Nagesh, A. Shields, N. Artz, D. Bednarek, S. Rudin


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