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Taxonomy: Education: Analysis of relationships

PO-GePV-E-23Enriching a Fully Remote Medical Physics Lab Culture: A Self-Assessment
S Hernandez*1,2, R Mumme2, A Olanrewaju2, B Marquez1,2, C Nguyen2, C Sjogreen2, C Cardenas1,2, C Yu1,2, M El Basha1,2, D Mann2, D Rhee1,2, H Ziyaee2, J Yang2, K Huang1,2, K Nealon1,2, K Oh2, L Gomes2, R Douglas2, S Gay2, T Netherton1,2, W Cao2, Y Xiao2, Y Zhao1,2, L Court1,2, M Gronberg1,2(1) UT MD Anderson UTHealth Graudate School of Biomedical Sciences, Houston, TX (2) The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX