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Taxonomy: IM- CT: Phantoms - digital

TU-C-TRACK 3-2BEST IN PHYSICS (IMAGING): A GAN-Based Technique for Synthesizing Realistic Respiratory Motion in the 4D-XCAT Phantoms
Y Chang*, Z Jiang, P Segars, Z Zhang, F Yin, L Ren, Duke University Medical Center, Cary, NC
TU-D-TRACK 3-5Synthesize 3D Realistic CT Textures and Anatomy in the XCAT Phantom Using Generative Adversarial Network (GAN)
Y Yuan*, L Ren, Y Chang, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC
TU-IePD-TRACK 1-1A Quantitative Evaluation of Computational Paediatric Phantoms for Radiotherapy Applications
R Ahmad1*, C Borrelli1, J Cantwell2, P Lim2, D D'Souza2, S Moinuddin2, J Gains2, C Veiga1 (1) University College London, London, GB, (2) University College London Hospital, London, GB
TU-IePD-TRACK 1-2Anatomically Realistic Simulation of Random Human Airway Trees
J Whitehead*, L Torres, A Hahn, S Fain, M Speidel, M Wagner, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI