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Taxonomy: IM/TH- Image Registration Techniques: Nonrigid B-spline registration

MO-IePD-TRACK 4-6Using Automatic Segmentation to Improve Deformable Image Registration
K Shah1*, J Shackleford1, N Kandasamy1, G Sharp2, (1) Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, (2) Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA
PO-GePV-M-130Accuracy of Pelvic CT-MR Deformable Image Registration: Comparison of Open-Source and Commercial Software
T Ishida*, N Kadoya, S Tanabe, H Ohashi, H Nemoto, S Dobashi, K Takeda, K Jingu, Tohoku University, Sendai, JP,
PO-GePV-M-132Improving Deformable Image Registration with Three Metrics for Postoperative Radiotherapy of Breast Cancer Patients
X Xie*, H Yan, J Dai, National Cancer Center/National Clinical Research Center for Cancer/Cancer Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College, Beijing, China