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Session: History Symposium: Exploring the Foundation of Our Medical Physics Profession [Return to Session]

History Symposium: Exploring the Foundation of Our Medical Physics Profession

P Sprawls1*, J Van Dyk2*, J Battista3*, (1) Emory University and Sprawls Educational Foundation, Black Mountain, NC, (2) Western University, London, ON, (3) London, ON, CA


4:30 PM Introduction and History Project Overview - P Sprawls, Presenting Author
4:35 PM The Physics Foundation and Evolutionary Technical Developments of Computed Tomography, the Quest for Enhanced Visibility - P Sprawls, Presenting Author
4:55 PM The Atom Bomb that Saves Lives”: The Role of Cobalt-60 in Cancer Treatment Around the World - J Van Dyk, Presenting Author
5:15 PM Harold Johns: Combining Innovation and Education in Establishing the Role of Medical Physicists in Radiation Oncology - J Battista, Presenting Author
5:25 PM Concluding Discussion - P Sprawls, Presenting Author

MO-F-TRACK 1-0 (Monday, 7/26/2021) 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM [Eastern Time (GMT-4)]

Physics is the fundamental science of many modern diagnostic and therapeutic medical procedures. For over 135 years physical principles have been applied in the development of technologies and methods to enhance the practice of clinical medicine with two major goals, more effective diagnostic imaging procedures and applying radiation for the treatment of diseases, especially cancer.
This continues to be a dynamic process with the evolution of technology throughout society and especially the impact of digital science, technology, and applications. Our current medical physics activities and clinical applications are built on the foundation of the research and developments by many of our medical physics pioneers that are our history and heritage.
The International Organization for Medical Physics (IOMP) in collaboration with the AAPM has an extensive project for documenting and publishing elements of this history, often by physicists who were active participants in the developments during the recent half-century. These are published at: and selected ones presented at the AAPM History Symposium.
Learning Objectives:
1. Follow the events and contributions of individuals in the development and evolution of computed tomography (CT).
2. Explore The Role of Cobalt-60 in Cancer Treatment Around the World.
3. Appreciate the contributions of Harold Johns to the medical physics profession and practice.



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