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Enhancing Medical Physics Teaching With Image Repositories and Shared Resources

P Sprawls1*, (1) Emory University and Sprawls Educational Foundation, Black Mountain, NC


PO-GePV-E-5 (Sunday, 7/25/2021)   [Eastern Time (GMT-4)]

Purpose: Provide a process to increase the effectiveness of medical physics teaching and enhance the professional performance of medical physicists, both as classroom/conference presenters/discussion leaders and as creators of visual learning resources. Also, to promote the value of collaborative teaching and the sharing of resources to enhance the teaching and learning of medical physics around the world. This is based on the concept that effective mental knowledge structures, especially for clinical applications of physical principles including diagnostic radiology, are based on images and visual representations of physical interactions and applications. Of major significance, it is how radiology residents learn.

Methods: A comprehensive model and method has been developed providing for the publication and sharing of images and related visuals that can be used by medical physics educators in their teaching activities. It is based on teaching image Repositories on the websites of individual institutions or organizations. An article providing information and guidance on the creation and operation of Repositories has been published in an international medical physics journal and is available in all countries. Included are details on creating appropriate images and visuals for teaching, optimizing for web search engines, copyright and academic recognition issues, and management of Repositories.

Results: Repositories are being developed and populated with teaching images by individual institutions and organizations and are available as open resources to all educators. A major value is it provides individual medical physicists an opportunity to publish and receive recognition for their creative efforts and contribute to medical physics education on a global basis.

Conclusion: Teaching medical physics, especially for clinical applications including diagnostic radiology, is most effective when using images and visuals with presentations and discussions by medical physicists sharing their knowledge and experience. The development of Repositories increases the availability of high-quality images and visuals for that purpose.



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