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Education General ePoster ViewingSunday - 7/25/2021
Education General ePoster Viewing AAPM ePoster Library

PO-GePV-E-1 : A Chatbot for the Staff in Radiotherapy Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
K. Li, J. Chow*

PO-GePV-E-2 : Clinical Diagnostic Reference Levels in Interventional Neuroradiology in Qatar
H. Al Naemi*, V. Tsapaki, A. Mohamed, A. Own, S. Patro, A. Aly, M. Kharita

PO-GePV-E-4 : Development of Diagnostic X-Ray Sources – A Multi-Vendor Overview
R. Behling*

PO-GePV-E-5 : Enhancing Medical Physics Teaching With Image Repositories and Shared Resources
P. Sprawls*

PO-GePV-E-6 : A Simulation-Based Mastery Learning Program for Ultrasound-Guided Interstitial Prostate Brachytherapy Using a Low-Cost 3D Printed Phantom
Z. Xiong*, Y. Zhong, M. Joo, S. Eraj, B. Gannavarapu, H. Morgan, S. All, B. Hrycushko, X. Jia, M. Folkert, P. Medin, T. Chiu

PO-GePV-E-7 : Introduction of Mind Mapping Technique to Enhance Medical Physics Graduate Studies
I. Wang*, F. West

PO-GePV-E-11 : Development of a Flipped-Classroom Style Medical Physics Course for Radiation Therapist Students
M. Hyun*, A. Besemer, S. Wisnoskie, Y. Lei, S. Li, D. Schott, S. Wang, D. Zheng, J. Koth, L. Bartenhagen

PO-GePV-E-12 : Development of Visual Learning of AAPM Task Group Reports
M. Chan*, J. Wu, J. Wu, D. Wang

PO-GePV-E-13 : Incorporating Statistical Learning and Artificial Intelligence Education to Medical Physics Graduate Training
C. Cardenas*, L. Court

PO-GePV-E-14 : Implementation of Ra-223 Radiopharmaceutical Program in Radiation Oncology at a Small Community Cancer Center
S. Lee*, G. Lasio, M. Guerrero, H. Xu, S. Chen, Y. Kwok

PO-GePV-E-15 : VICTORIA: Online Monte Carlo and DICOM Data Viewer
E. Badun*, F. Tessier, R. Townson, M. Bazalova-Carter

PO-GePV-E-17 : Brain Functional Connectivity Reveals RTMS Effectiveness Pain Reduction in Non-Specific Chronic Low Back Pain Patients
M. Masoumbeigi*, N. Riyahi-Alam, R. Kordi, M. Rostami, A. Jafari, A. Rahimiforoushani, H. Hashemi

PO-GePV-E-18 : Effective Resident Training in the Medical Physics 3.0 Era
C. Buckey*, J. Gagneur, D. Robertson, M. Fatyga, S. Chungbin, E. Clouser, M. Foster, G. Penoncello, D. Harrington, J. Ashman, Y. Rong

PO-GePV-E-20 : SSGAN: Unpaired MR-To-CT Image Synthesis with Spatial Sequence GAN
L. Kong*, W. Jiang, D. Huang, Q. Zhou, Z. Chen, W. Zhang, H. Sheng, C. Yang, B. Qu

PO-GePV-E-21 : Fork-Net: Synthesis-Based Unsupervised Multi-Modality Image Registration
L. Kong*, Z. Li, Q. Zhou, D. Huang, Y. Yin

PO-GePV-E-22 : A Novel Leaf Sequencing Optimization Method with Deep Reinforcement Learning
W. Zhang*, L. Kong, Q. Zhou, S. Xu

PO-GePV-E-23 : Enriching a Fully Remote Medical Physics Lab Culture: A Self-Assessment
S. Hernandez*, R. Mumme, A. Olanrewaju, B. Marquez, C. Nguyen, C. Sjogreen, C. Cardenas, C. Yu, M. El Basha, D. Mann, D. Rhee, H. Ziyaee, J. Yang, K. Huang, K. Nealon, K. Oh, L. Gomes, R. Douglas, S. Gay, T. Netherton, W. Cao, Y. Xiao, Y. Zhao, L. Court, M. Gronberg


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