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Imaging QA On CyberKnife According to TG-135_ a Practical Approach

S George*, S Davis, R Tolakanahalli, V Mishra, A Gutierrez, Miami Cancer Institute, Miami, FL


PO-GePV-P-39 (Sunday, 7/25/2021)   [Eastern Time (GMT-4)]

Purpose: “Report of AAPM TG 135: Quality assurance for robotic radiosurgery" recommends monthly and annual QA of the imaging system specifically for the signal to noise ratio, contrast-to-noise ratio, relative modulation transfer function and spatial resolution of the amorphous silicon detector. These tests are easily performed and analyzed on any other treatment modalities with customized phantoms and analysis software. With the complexity of the image extraction process and the image characteristics of the CyberKinfe® system, it is a very difficult task to generate a report comparable to any other modalities on this area of Quality Assurance.

Methods: By using the QC-kV-1 Phantom, the slanting phantom support table with inserted fiducial markers and PIPSproTM software from Standard Imaging, we were able to generate customized plan for the imaging QA procedure and was able to analyze the images on a regular basis to generate repots.

Results: Monthly QA and annual QA reports, according to the industry standards are generated and evaluated for the suggested tests in TG-135.

Conclusion: Using the Imager extraction interface of the IDMS system, we are able to export the images from CyberKinfe® and appropriate software and hardware combination we are able to generate standardized reports according to TG-135 requirements for Imaging QA.



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