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Program Directors

Robert Hobbs, PhD
Co-Program Director
Johns Hopkins University

Joseph O'Donoghue, PhD
Co-Program Director
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Jessica Clements, MS
Co-Program Director
University of Vermont Medical Center

Summer School Subcommittee Leadership

Vrinda Narayana, PhD
Chair, AAPM Summer School Subcommittee
Providence Cancer Center

Minsong Cao, PhD
Vice Chair, AAPM Summer School Subcommittee
UCLA School of Medicine

Invited Faculty

Diane Alvarez, MS
Miami Cancer Institute
Stephen Graves, PhD
University of Iowa
Rachel Barbee, PhD
UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
Roger Howell, PhD
Rutgers New Jersey Medical School
Bryan Bednarz, PhD
University of Wisconsin
Adam Kesner, PhD
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Denis Bergeron, PhD
National Institute of Standards & Tech
Nikki Maughan, PhD
Washington University in St. Louis
Wes Bolch, PhD
University of Florida
Katie Tapp, PhD
Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Chaitanya Divgi, MD Russell Tarver, MS
The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders
Eric Frey, PhD
Johns Hopkins University
Josh Wilson, PhD
Duke University Health System
Jonathan Gear, PhD
The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

Workshop Facilitators

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