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PinS Therapy - You Want It by When?: Automating Effective Radiation Oncology Workflows

M Meineke1*, J Simoes2*, M Qayyum3*, C Brigmann4*, J Hamilton5*, L Schulte6*, (1) Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, (2) Varian, (3) RaySearch America, Santa Clara, CA, (4) Brainlab, (5) Sun Nuclear Corporation, Indianapolis, IN, (6) Siris Medical


MO-A-Vendor Track-0 (Monday, 4/19/2021) 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM [Eastern Time (GMT-4)]

In the modern digital age, the sheer amount of patient data available to the Radiation Oncology Team is staggering. Effective management of both patient data and treatment tasks distinguish the successful clinicians from the merely adequate. Towards this goal, the vendors participating in this session have all crafted solutions to meet the exacting needs of the modern Radiation Oncology Team on such fronts as treatment planning, contouring, and quality assurance. Additionally, while there is a great promise of improved efficiencies and treatment outcomes, important topics of discussion will also outline areas of critical review for the supervising clinician, as it is imperative to remember that automation does not absolve the user of responsibility of the output.

The purpose of this session is to allow vendors to present their solutions and describe how their product can increase efficiency, plan quality control and enable more extensive adaptive planning processes. Attendees of this session will gain a working insight and knowledge of several vendor’s approaches to automating critical radiation oncology workflows.

Learning Objectives:
1. See a variety of automated workflow solutions for use in Radiation Oncology
2. Learn where these automations can most effectively be deployed
3. Learn what quality oversight should still be maintained when utilizing these workflows.


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