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AAPM considers the health and well-being of all participants a top priority as we return to in-person meetings in 2022. Proof of vaccination will be required prior to entry. Read More »

All AAPM meeting participants must agree to the AAPM COVID-19 HEALTH AND SAFETY LIABILITY WAIVER

Exhibitors with an interest in medical physics or related equipment, products, and services are invited to participate at the AAPM Spring Clinical Meeting Technical Exhibits.

The Technical Exhibits will be an integral part of the Spring Clinical Meeting program. Its purpose is to further the scientific, technical, and educational advancement of the theory and practice of medical physics and the related arts and sciences.

We hope you'll plan to join us!

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What’s New for 2022?

Please be aware, COVID-19 Protocols will be in place for the 2022 AAPM Spring Clinical Meeting. All participants attending the meeting will be expected to follow the health and safety guidelines. More information will be shared soon.

Additional Services

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Shipping Information

  • Inbound Shipments:
    • To be delivered no earlier than 4 days before the meeting to avoid additional storage fees.
    • FedEx is closed on the weekend. If a guest does arrive over the weekend packages can be claimed at the front desk.
    • Shipment can be shipped to the following address (Please make sure to include all information indicated below on your address label):

Hold For Guest: (Guest Name) _______________ (Guest Cell Phone) ____________
c/o FedEx Office at Hyatt Regency New Orleans

601 Loyola Ave
New Orleans, LA 70113
2022 AAPM Spring Clinical Meeting
Exhibiting Company: _____________
Booth Number: _________
Box: __ of __

    • Exhibitors should arrange to have packages picked up at the FedEx Office or delivered directly to the booth. Please review the Shipping Instructions for charges associated with either option
      • Package Pickup by Guest (exhibitor picks up packages at the FedEx Office)
      • Package Delivery by FedEx Office (exhibitor has packages delivered directly to their booth)
      • Shipping Instructions
  • Outbound Shipments:
    • Prior to the conclusion of the event, package(s) pickup must be arranged.
    • The Hyatt Regency New Orleans will not be responsible for items left unattended.
    • Exhibitors are instructed to either take outbound shipments to the FedEx Office or set up an Outbound Delivery pick up. Please review the Shipping Instructions for charges associated with either option:
      • Package Drop off by Guest (exhibitor takes outbound shipment to the FedEx Office)
      • Package Pick up by FedEx Office (exhibitor has FedEx pick up their shipment from the booth)
      • Shipping Instructions

Shipping Questions, Please contact the FedEx Office: 504-524-6048

Official Air & Ground Freight Carrier:

Association Freight Services is the Official Air & Ground Carrier for the 2022 Spring Clinical Meeting. Please note, Association Freight will be on site to assist with outbound shipping requirements

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Contact John Floyd:

855-565-5900 (PH)

Electrical Services are provided by Freeman

Audio Visual and Internet Service

  • Audio Visual and Internet Services are provided Encore
  • You can help assure a smoother, less contentious wireless environment in the exhibit hall by complying with the following set of voluntary practices.
  • Please be aware, Complimentary Wi-fi is for basic email use only.
  • In the Exhibit Hall, we encourage you to turn Wi-Fi off on personal devices, if possible.
  • If you do plan to use Wi-Fi in your booth for demonstrations, please purchase Wi-Fi from encore, complimentary Wi-Fi is for basic email use only. To order Wi-Fi or a hard wire connection, complete the Exhibitor Order Form.
  • Order Due By March 14th.
  • Encore Exhibitor Services Order Form.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Rachel York | Exhibits Manager |