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AAPM Annual Meeting and President's Symposium Theme:
Celebrating Medical Physics: Transforming Human Health.

The AAPM 64th Annual Meeting & Exhibition being held in Washington, DC, gave us the opportunity to be together after two years of the pandemic and meeting virtually. We decided that this was one reason to celebrate guiding our meeting theme: “Celebrating Medical Physics: Transforming Human Health”. The Presidential Symposium reflects on our humanity and the great impact of medical physics on human health. Across the board, the meeting program spans the range from classic to new medical physics. We’re offering exceptional scientific, educational, and professional symposia, proffered sessions, and the ever-important Early-Career Investigators Symposium, along with a host of continuing education opportunities. Our technical exhibition will provide the long-awaited opportunity to meet with vendors, visit their new products on the floor, and discuss their services and support.

Washington, DC, the Nation’s Capital, is a unique city with rich and cultural diversity. The Washington Convention Center is within walking distance of notable museums, dining, evening entertainment and the Metro. The National Mall, home of the Washington Monument, Capitol, Smithsonian, and other national treasures, is a quick ride from the convention center. Major league sports are also available, with the Washington Nationals baseball team hosting games over the dates of the meeting. The city offers these great attractions and more with significant history and culture, all in a compact region.

It is you, the meeting attendee, who will greatly contribute to the success of the meeting and to Celebrating Medical Physics, continuing our work for Transforming Human Health!

J. Daniel Bourland, PhD
2022 President, AAPM

Sessions of Note from the President

  • International Council Symposium: Medical Physics Awareness in the Global Context
  • 2022 Annual Student Meeting: Global Medical Physics: Experiences, Lessons, and Getting Involved
  • Education Council Symposium: Celebrating Medical Physics Educators: Transformative leaders in Medical Physics Education
  • Joint Council Symposium: Celebrating the Recent Accomplishments of the AAPM
  • Professional Council Symposium: In Memory of George Sherouse - Transforming Human Health Through Clinical Practice
  • Biomathematical Modeling for Individualized and Targeted Cancer Treatment
  • Imaging for Radiation Therapy: Challenges and Solutions
  • Joint AAPM-ESTRO Symposium: FLASH-From Experimental Beam Lines to the Clinic
  • Excelling as a Medical Physicist Outside the Clinic
  • Interventional Imaging
  • Machine Intelligence Efficacy and Quality I
  • Machine Intelligence Efficacy and Quality II
  • Clinical-Industry Partnerships
  • President's Symposium: Important Conversations: The Alzheimer’s Epidemic – Patient Engagement – ARPA-H and Cancer Moonshot
  • Impacting Global Health Through Medical Physics
  • Advancing EDI at Every Level of Med Phys Part 1: For Trainees, the Workplace and Beyond
  • Medical Physics Cross-Specialization in the Era of Radiotheranostics
  • Addressing Global Needs in Medical Physics Support
  • Advances in Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment: Mammography, Breast Biopsy, SBRT, APBI
  • Biomarkers of Response to Radiation and Immune Modulating Therapies for Advanced Cancer Management
  • Virtual Clinical Trials
  • AI Clinical Translation: Opportunities and Pitfalls
  • The Use of Cumulative Effective Dose - An Educational Debate
  • Space-time Modulation of Treatment
  • Imaging Disparities
  • Integrating Omics in the Era of AI for Better Patient Specific Outcomes
  • Radiotherapy and the Immune System
  • Medical Physics in Clinical Trials: Design, Quality Assurance, and NIH Programs
  • Advancing EDI at Every Level of Med Phys Part 2: For Trainees, the Workplace and Beyond
  • Effective Communication About Radiation Dose and Radiation-Induced Risks for Pediatric Patients
  • WMIS/AAPM Joint Symposium on Theranostics
  • Artificial Intelligence for QA
  • In vivo Imaging and Dosimetry for Monitoring Therapy
  • Clinical Implementation of AI-based Auto-Segmentation
  • Eliminating Health Disparities in Clinical Trials: How can Physicists Contribute?
  • Machine Intelligence in Imaging for Treatment Response Assessment and Prediction: Implications for Adaptive Radiation Therapy
  • SIIM-AAPM Joint Symposium: Machine Intelligence in Medical Imaging
  • Outcome-driven and Risk-adapted Personalized Treatment Planning
  • Radioactive Microspheres and Nanoparticles
  • Enhancing a Physicist's Role in Radiation Therapy Treatment Plan Assessment
  • Ethics and AI in Radiology and Radiation Oncology
  • Advances in Photon-Counting Imaging
  • Machine Intelligence for Treatment Planning and Segmentation
  • Photon-counting CT: Image Quality Optimization, Novel Algorithms, and Emerging Clinical Applications
  • AI-Empowered Clinical Decision Support for Personalized Radiation Therapy
  • The Developing Role of Medical Physics and Imaging in Digital Pathology
  • Automated Planning: What Do Physicians Want?
  • New Technologies in Breast Imaging
  • Advances in Anatomic, Biologic, and Functional Image Guidance
  • MR- and CT-Guided Adaptive Radiotherapy
  • CAD, Radiomics, and Quantitative Applications of X-Ray Imaging and CT
  • Imaging Data Science for Treatment Assessment
  • Bridging Diagnostic Imaging and Radiotherapy: A Pediatric Focus
  • Meet the New Boss: Transforming Medical Physics Practice with Surgeons, Entrepreneurs, and Bankers
  • State of the Art of Adaptive Radiotherapy
  • Assessment of Deep-Learning Technologies in Medical Imaging: From Imaging Science to Clinical Practice
  • AI in Imaging
  • Performance Assessment and Clinical Implementation of Photon-Counting CT
  • Personalized Treatment via Outcome Modeling