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3D Mammography

J Brown1*, M Radicke2*, T Patel3*, R Iordache4*, (1) University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, (2) Siemens Healthineers, Bayern, Deutschland, DE, (3) Hologic, Inc, Danbury, CT, (4) GE Healthcare, Buc, FR


MO-PinS-INV2-0 (Monday, 7/11/2022) 1:45 PM - 3:30 PM [Eastern Time (GMT-4)]

Innovation Room 2

3D mammography or Digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT), creates a volumetric data set of the breast by acquiring many projection X-ray images at different angles. 3D mammography was approved for clinical use by the FDA in 2011; since then, they have rapidly become a standard of care at many institutions. According to the FDA in the past 5 years, of the nearly 9000 MQSA accredited facilities the fraction of facilities with DBT units rose from 44% to 82%. This rapid growth is attributed to the much improved specificity and sensitivity DBT offers over conventional digital mammography. In this session, the basic principles and implementation of DBT will be presented and compared to conventional digital mammography. Vendors will present their 3D mammography systems and describe how their product improves the breast imaging landscape.

Learning Objectives:
1. Review the theory and acquisition methods of 3D mammography
2. Explain the key differences between digital mammography and 3D mammography.
3. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of 3D mammography.



3D, Breast, Mammography


IM- Breast X-Ray Imaging: Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT)

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