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Validation of Fluoroscopy Peak Skin Dose in Radimetrics

S Dharmadhikari1*, R Neill2, Z Glass3, (1) Emory University, Atlanta, GA, (2) Emory University, Atlanta, GA, (3) Alliance Medical Physics, LLC., Alpharetta, GA


TU-D1000-IePD-F9-3 (Tuesday, 7/12/2022) 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM [Eastern Time (GMT-4)]

Exhibit Hall | Forum 9

Purpose: To evaluate the accuracy of Peak Skin Dose (PSD) estimate provided by a commercially available dose monitoring software Radimetrics

Methods: Measurements were performed on two major make/models of interventional fluoroscopy equipment. An R/F phantom was placed on top of the table while the x-ray tube was stationary and positioned under the table. Entrance exposure was measured using a solid state detector placed under the phantom at interventional reference point of the system. Table height was kept constant during the acquisition. Correction factors for distance, backscatter, table transmission, dose in air to dose to tissue, and displayed vs measured air kerma accuracy were used as applicable to calculate PSD from measured air exposure, cumulative air kerma (CAK) as well as piece-meal from all radiation events. In addition, equipment HVLs and table properties for attenuation and geometry correction were measured and configured for use with the in-house calculator and Radimetrics (v3.3.1-B) to allow for radiation event-by-event dose calculation from RDSR.

Results: PSD displayed on the patient model in Radimetrics corresponded with the acquisition setup. For Philips, % error between PSD derived from CAK (PSD_CAK) and PSD derived from measured exposure (PSD_meas) was larger (range: -10% to -16%) than % error between PSD estimate from Radimetrics (PSD_Rad) and PSD_meas (range: -13% to 8%). For Siemens, the % error between PSD_CAK and PSD_meas was larger (range: 2% to -22%) than % error between PSD_Rad and PSD_meas (range: -3% to 5%). Overall, PSD calculated using the in-house calculator (PSD_in-house) as well as PSD_Rad were both within +/-15% for all equipment.

Conclusion: PSD from Radimetrics was validated and its accuracy compared to our in-house calculator and wholesale CAK calculation. PSD from Radimetrics can provide a fast, accurate and reliable estimate than PSD derived from CAK for radiation safety follow-up of high dose procedures.


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