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Improving Treatment Plan Workflow with Automated Eclipse Scripting API

Y Wu*1, D Bhatti, C Chang1 , (1)National Taiwan University Hospital, Taipei, TW


PO-GePV-T-90 (Sunday, 7/10/2022)   [Eastern Time (GMT-4)]

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Purpose: The goal of this work is to simplify the treatment plan workflow through scripting.

Methods: We use the scripts AutoAddBeam and BeamName based on the Eclipse Scripting API to automatically implement relevant work. AutoAddBeam beam was used when the oncologist opened a simple field on the treatment planning system (TPS) with the multileaf collimator and the digitally reconstructed radiograph. Steps include adding a course and a plan, defining the isocenter, and setting a reference point and prescription. Using AutoAddBeam, the only step is choosing a treatment machine. BeamName is used to correctly name the treatment beam. In order to create a safer and more efficient workflow, the beam ID contains the gantry angle. These automated scripts efficiently remove human error and greatly reduce repetitive, avoidable errors. We analyze the number of plans and classify the percentages with different beam numbers from 2021 November to 2022 January, in order to evaluate time saved with and without scripting on the same plan.

Results: The average process time in Table equals the product of the plan type ratio and the process time. On average, 43 and 233 plans used scripting each month (for AutoAddBeam and BeamName, respectively), and the average process time without scripting was 1 minute 23 seconds and 34 seconds. Process time substantially decreased to 11 seconds and to 6 seconds with scripting, therefore attaining 86.75% and 81.24% savings relatively (Table1). For BeamName, as fields were added, the time savings percentage increased (up to 93.75%, Table2). In the plan sum condition totaling 2 plans, we saved 70.83% time on average.

Conclusion: This work preliminarily results in a high percentage of time savings, and these tools avoid repetitive onerous work and human error.


Treatment Planning, Treatment Verification, Computer Software


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