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Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy On a Ring-Gantry Based Linac with Novel Image Guiding System (Reflexion): Plan Quality Comparison with TrueBeam and Tomotherapy

B Liu1*, C Han1, T Reilly1, Y Dorsainvil1, K Qing1, Y Chen1, T Williams1, A Liu1, (1) City of Hope National Medical Center, Duarte, CA


PO-GePV-T-290 (Sunday, 7/10/2022)   [Eastern Time (GMT-4)]

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Purpose: Reflexion X1 (RFX) is a new ring-gantry based external beam radiotherapy machine with novel imaging guidance system (kV-CT and PET). This study aims to evaluate the dosimetric performance of RFX equipped with 6MV-FFF photon beam in planning for Liver and Lumbar Spine SBRT, compared to TrueBeam with high definition MLC (TB) and Helical TomoTherapy (HT).

Methods: Three patients for each site were retrospectively included in the treatment planning study. For each patient, four plans were developed: TB plan using 10MV FFF photon beam, HT plan with 2.5-cm jaw size, RFX plan with 20-mm jaw size and with 10-mm jaw size. The dose prescription is 40Gy in 5 fractions for all liver patients, 27Gy in 3 fractions for two spine patients and 24Gy in 2 fractions for one spine patient. Clinical planning objectives were followed per NRG LU-002 and Timmerman guidelines 2018 protocol. Dosimetric parameters were compared among different machines.

Results: On average, 15 dosimetric parameters (range: 11-22) were analyzed for each patient. In all plans, prescription dose covers no less than 95% of the planning target volume (PTV). The maximum dose of RFX plans is within 2% from those of TB and HT plans. Organ-at-risk dose constraints were met consistently in all three machines. For Spine SBRT, the Cauda Equina D0.03cc is 20.1Gy±3.6Gy, 19.9Gy±3.5Gy, 20.6Gy±3.4Gy and 20.5Gy±3.3Gy for TB, HT, RFX-20mm and RFX-10mm plans respectively. For Liver SBRT, Liver minimal spared volume of 21Gy is 1504cc±310cc, 1458cc±316cc, 1483cc±314cc, 1495cc±310cc for TB, HT, RFX-20mm and RFX-10mm plans respectively. The conformity index and dose drop-off of TB and RFX-10mm are comparable, and are superior to HT and RFX-20mm.

Conclusion: This retrospective treatment planning study suggested that the new RFX system achieved comparable plan quality in Liver and Spine SBRT compared to TB and HT.


Treatment Planning, Radiation Therapy


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