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Acceptance Testing and Commissioning of Two Multiple Room Proton Units in China: Challenges and Lessons

Y Zheng1*, Z Li1,Y Jia1, L Yang1, Z Li1, (1) Concord Medical Group, Guangzhou, 44, CN


PO-GePV-T-190 (Sunday, 7/10/2022)   [Eastern Time (GMT-4)]

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Purpose: The purpose of this abstract is to present challenges and lessons we have learned during acceptance testing and commissioning for two multiple room proton units at the Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center in China.

Methods: Two multiple room proton units, the IBA Proteus Plus with 3 Gantry rooms and 2 fixed beam rooms, and the Varian ProBeam with 4 gantry rooms, are being installed at our center. Starting from when the beam was available in treatment room, we have arranged physicists to shadow the vendor team and actively participate for beam tuning and testing (e.g. 24 hours a day for a period of time), and record progresses and issues as they arise. Also, we have arranged multiple training modalities as early as possible to prepare the physics team, including journal club, proton lectures, institution provided planning training, vendor training remotely and onsite. Meetings are held regularly between vendor installation team and physics team to discuss challenges and progresses.

Results: Currently all physicists have been trained and are able to perform basic proton planning. Acceptance testing is completed for one IBA gantry room and close to completion with one Varian gantry room. Many issues and solutions during beam tuning and acceptance testing as well as training have been recorded, and will be used for future room acceptance testing and commissioning. Type testing for the Varian proton unit is in progress.

Conclusion: Acceptance testing and commissioning two multiple room proton units at one center present numerous challenges and require careful planning. Our issue database and experience on dealing with these challenges could be helpful for other proton center acceptance and commissioning.


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