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Proton Therapy in Clinical Trials

S Gulliford1*, S Flampouri2*, (1) University College Hospital London, London, GB, (2) Emory University, Atlanta, GA


TH-F-BRA-0 (Thursday, 7/14/2022) 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM [Eastern Time (GMT-4)]

Ballroom A

There is an increasing number of clinical trials allowing proton therapy as a radiotherapy option or even testing the clinical equipoise between photons and protons. The session aims to update on the status of protons in clinical trials, discuss existing biases and review protocol design principles for incorporating proton therapy. Guidelines and requirements for proton therapy in NCI-sponsored pediatric and adult protocols will be reviewed and compared with corresponding European studies. Equivalency within proton deliveries and between proton and photon treatments will be discussed. Existent systematic differences in target coverage, organ-at-risk sparing and treatment robustness between modalities co-existing in trials will be examined as well as ways to reduce biases. Two great challenges in designing trials with protons will be addressed. First, few standard clinical practices exist, mainly due to the large variation in proton equipment. Second, proton technological advancements get developed and implemented faster that the duration of clinical trials. The presenters will discuss trial design to include multiple existing and future proton technologies to achieve adequate accrual and avoid been outdated. Finally, appropriate data collection and data quality assurance to allow accurate outcomes as well as secondary analyses will be reviewed.
Learning objectives:
1. Update on the status of proton therapy in clinical trials
2. Review systematic differences between photon and proton treatments in clinical trials
3. Learn about proton trial design and data collection



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