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Keywords: RBE
PO-GePV-T-125Computerized Risk Modeling of Imaging Changes and Radionecrosis After Proton Beam Therapy for Childhood Brain Tumors
F Heinzelmann1,2,3*, C Baeumer1,2,3,4, S Peters1,5, A Stock6, S Schulze-Schleithoff1, S Frisch1, B Timmermann1,3,4,5,7, (1) West German Proton Therapy Center Essen (WPE), Essen, NW, DE, (2) TU Dortmund University, Department of Physics, Dortmund, NW, DE, (3) University Hospital Essen, West German Cancer Center (WTZ), Essen, NW, DE, (4) German Cancer Consortium (DKTK), Heidelberg, NW, DE, (5) University Hospital Essen, Department of Particle Therapy, Essen, NW, DE, (6) University Hospital Wuerzburg, Department of Neuroradiology, Wuerzburg, BY, DE, (7) University of Duisburg-Essen, Faculty of Medicine, Essen, NW, DE
PO-GePV-T-127An Exploration Toward the Superior Hyperfractionated Schedule in the Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy for Pharyngeal Cancer Under the Variable Relative Biological Effectiveness
K Kasamatsu1*, T Matsuura2,3, K Yasuda4, K Miyazaki2,3, S Takao2,3, H Aoyama4, (1)Graduate School of Biomedical Science and Engineering, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, JP (2)Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, JP (3)Department of Medical Physics, Hokkaido University Hospital, Sapporo, JP (4)Faculty of Medicine, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, JP
PO-GePV-T-165Oblique Beam Angles Lead to Better Rectal Protection But Worse Bladder Sparing in Prostate Cancer Receiving Pencil-Beam-Scanning Proton Therapy (PBS)
Y Yang, J-C Rwigema, C Vargas, N Yu, S Keole, W Wong, S Schild, M Bues*, W Liu, J Shen, Mayo Clinic Arizona, Phoenix, AZ
PO-GePV-T-449Characterization of the Relative Biological Effectiveness of a Range of Photon Energies for Irradiation of HeLa and PC-3 Cell Lines
J Babik1,2*, N Chabaytah1,2*, B Behmand2, T Connell1,3, M Evans1,3, R Ruo1,3, Y Poirier1,3, S Abbasinejad Enger1,2,4, (1) Medical Physics Unit, Department of Oncology, Faculty of Medicine, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, (2) Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, (3) McGill University Health Center, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, (4) Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research, Jewish General Hospital, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
SU-H330-IePD-F4-4A Treatment Planning Study Comparing LET- and Variable RBE-Based Optimization for Intensity-Modulated Proton Therapy
H Moazami Goudarzi1, G Lim2, D Grosshans3, R Mohan4, W Cao5*, (1) University of Houston, Houston, TX, (2) University of Houston, Houston, TX, (3) UT MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, (4) UT MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, (5) UT MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX
SU-J-206-4Development and Evaluation of Spot-Scanning Hadron Arc (SHArc) Therapy Using Light and Heavy Ions
S Mein*, B Kopp, T Tessonnier, J Liermann, S Harrabi, J Debus, C Schoemers, A Abdollahi, T Haberer, A Mairani,
SU-J-206-6Sensitivity of Carbon RBE Models to Reference Parameter Variations
S Hartzell1, P Taylor1, F Guan2, C Peterson1, R Howell1, S Kry1*, (1) The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX (2) Yale University School of Medicine/Yale New Haven Hospital, New Haven, CT
SU-K-206-3Does Reduction of Variable RBE-Weighted Dose in Organs at Risk Impact Clinical Proton Plan Quality?
L Heuchel1*, C Hahn1,2,3, J Oeden4, E Traneus4, J Wulff5,6, S Plaude5,6, B Timmermann5,6,7,8, C Baeumer1,5,6,8, A Luehr1, (1) Department of Physics, TU Dortmund University, Dortmund, Germany, (2) OncoRay - National Center for Radiation Research in Oncology, Faculty of Medicine and University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus, Technische Universitaet Dresden, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, Dresden, Germany, (3) Department of Radiotherapy and Radiation Oncology, Faculty of Medicine and University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus, Technische Universitaet Dresden, Dresden, Gerrmany, (4) RaySearch Laboratorie AB, Stockholm, Sweden, (5) West German Proton Therapy Centre Essen, Essen, Germany, (6) West German Cancer Center (WTZ), University Hospital Essen, Essen, Germany, (7) Department of Particle Therapy, University Hospital Essen, Essen, Germany, (8) German Cancer Consortium (DKTK) and German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), Heidelberg, Germany
SU-K-206-4Empirical Relative Biological Effectiveness (RBE) for Mandible Osteoradionecrosis (ORN) in Head and Neck Cancer Patients Treated with Pencil-Beam-Scanning Proton Therapy (PBSPT): A Retrospective, Case-Matched Cohort Study
Y Yang1, O Muller2, S Shiraishi2, M Harper3, A Amundson2, W Wong1, L McGee1, J-C Rwigema1, S Schild1, M Bues1, M Fatyga1, J Anderson1, S Patel1, R Foote2, W Liu1*, (1) Mayo Clinic Arizona, Phoenix, AZ, (2) Mayo Clinic Rochester, Rochester, MN, (3) West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV,
TH-D-202-1Biological Optimization of Proton Radiotherapy Through Glutaminase 1 Inhibition
D Flint*, S Bright, R Kolachina, D Martinus, M Manandhar, M Ben Kacem, P Marinello, T Su, S Shaitelman, G Sawakuchi, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX
TH-D-202-2Comparison of Variable Proton RBE Model Predictions in the Treatment Plans of Patients Who Developed Radiation-Induced Necrosis
D Flint1*, T Zhang2, P Yepes1,3, A Adair1, Q Wang1,3, C Ruff1, G Engeseth1,4,5, B Gunn1, S Shaitelman1, G Sawakuchi1, (1) The University of MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, (2) Hofstra University/Northwell Health, Hempstead, NY, (3) Rice University, Houston, TX, (4) Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen, Norway, (5) University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway.
TH-D-202-3Mechanistic Calculation of Relative Biological Effectiveness of Proton Irradiation Via Microscopic Monte Carlo Simulations
M Xing1, Y Lai2, Y Chi3, X Jia4*, (1) UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, Texas, (2) University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX, (3) University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX, (4) The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Ctr, Garland, TX
WE-A-202-4Intra- and Inter-DNA Dosimeter Measurement Variability for Quantifying DNA Double Strand Breaks From Ionizing Radiation
C Valdes*, M Tambasco, San Diego State Univ, San Diego, CA
WE-B-BRC-6Study of Backbone and Base Pair Bond Breaking in DNA During Proton Beam Irradiation
J Polf1*, J Demaree2, N Lamichhane1, N Guardala3, (1) University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, (2) Army Research Laboratory Aberdeen Proving Grounds, (3) George Washington University, Washington DC